The Truth is a Lie

The Story So Far...

The story so far…

Agent Tennant receives a report through his parapsychology contacts of a downed UFO near a small town in upstate New York. Upon investigation they discover that an old coot named Herbert Lawry was in town a few days previously and reported seeing the flying saucer fly over his farm and crash near Hag’s Lip. Convincing Lawry that they are members of the CDC they are able to obtain a sample he had taken from the crash site and convinced him to show them the way. As they approach, a large saucer rose from behind a hill with a smaller partially destroyed ship hovering slightly below and behind it. On it’s way overhead it paused and Richard Malkin, the resident psychic, felt as if he were being watched and a warm tingling sensation spread over his body. The craft then streaked off overhead. Investigating the crash site they discovered traces of metal, some form of coral and samples of non-human DNA, all of which they obtained samples of. Before they were able to secure the site they heard the approach of a military helicopter. Beating a hasty retreat in their own helicopter they made their way back to Lawry’s farm. After some “clean up” they headed back to base. Lawry was later found burned to death in his home.

Over the next several days Malkin began having strange nightmares. A newspaper article then caught Tennants eye that seemed to describe a young girl, Elisa Brook, in Baltimaore who is experiencing the same sort of disturbing dreams. The team head off to Maryland to visit the American Somnabulatory Research Center (ASRC) where Elissa is being treated. While there they begin catching glimpses of a strange floating metal ball. They are unable to shoot it down and it continues to appear from time to time. The doctors at the ASRC believe that Elissa is receiving the dreams of others. Under the guise of seeking treatment for Malkin, the team meet with Dr. Terrence Young who is also treating Elissa. Through investigation they discovered that the ASRC is funded heavily by the government and is currently working on a program of sleep deprivation and eliminating the need for sleep on militray volunteers. Malkin begins receiving treatment while the nightmares continue. These nightmares begin affecting other cell members. While at the ASRC they also meet with Paul Hollinger who is there to disprove the claims that Elissa is able to receive the dreams of others.

Through a meeting with her parents, the team manages to discover that Elissa was adopted through the Right Choice Adoption Agency. Her mother claims to have been abducted on several occasions and lost the ability to conceive on her own. Malkin manages to get a meeting with Elissa where she tells him about the strange grey skinned demons she sees in her dreams. She recognizes Malkin from her dreams.

Some of the team head off to investigate the Right Choice Adoption Agency. They speak with the owners who appear to be twins they have strange features including pale skin and large dark eyes. The following day Elissa is found dead in her room. Malkin investigates and sees a small mark on her neck. They are able to get GREYBEARD operatives to pose as coroners and take the body away to their facilities for examination. Malkin decides to confront Paul Hollinger in his room at the institute. Hollinger shoots him in the leg and binds him up. Robert Reynolds manages to find Malkin in time. The team attempt to apprehend Hollinger to no avail.

The cell decides to try and track Hollinger down further. The find out that he is a true skeptic, believing there is a rational explanation for everything. They discover that he is from Russia and his real name is Polikov Hospitalier. They are unable to secure a meeting, but do manage to track down his hotel room. Getting a room nearby they set up surveillance. During the night Malkin dreams that he has an out of body experience. Once trying to get back in he finds he cant and is pulled down into the earth by shadowy figures. Upon waking up Malkin goes into shock.

Based on things he saw in his dream, Malkin believes that further investigation at Right Choice is in order. The team break in and learn that all the adoptees come from the Lionheart Orphanage. They decide that the Lionheart Orphanage is the next place that needs to be investigated. While there they notice that a black car with two suspicious looking men in suits seem to be observing the orphanage. They attempt to get the jump on the men, but the car speeds off. The cell chases the men down, killing the driver causing the car to crash. Before police arrive they secure the living man from the car and take him back to their safe house.

They discover the man is Russian and a member of a group called the Tenth Directorate. He claims no knowledge of Hollinger/Hospitalier. Captian Tain is unable to obtain any further information through torture. He appears to have psychic ability and communicates telepathically with Malkin trying to convince him that they can work together. The team leaves him at the house while they go to instigate the orphanage. Breaking in they kill both security guards. Investigation reveals a fairly standard facility other than a secret meeting room hidden in the basement storage area, and a room that appeared to be completely empty and immaculately clean. They capture a matron and find out that the director of the orphanage lives on site. They make their way to the bedroom of the orphanage administrator, Brian McBain. Confronting him he seems strung out and manages to elude they for a short time. Eventually they capture him and escape before police can arrive.

Upon arrival at their safe house, a booby trap is triggered causing the house to explode. The team manages to cover this up as a gas leak. Torturing McBain they discover that the children he processes through his orphanage all come from a project called MKOMEGA run by one Dr. Gatsby. They manage to make contact with Gatsby who tells them that the goal of MKOMEGA was to engineer the perfect human. He is seeking asylum from the team as he no longer wishes to be part of this. He tells them where they can find the labs.

The labs are located in Virginia and disguised as belonging to the Department of Agriculture. They appear to not have been used in some time, but have had recent visitors. The team believes that Gatsby did not tell them the whole truth, and that he never took the plane ride they had arranged for him. Questioning McBain once more they are able to find out that the Lionheart Orphanage is owned by Rhyming Diversified, a subsidiary of Sibyl Systems.

Investigating Sibyl Systems the team finds that they have a large facility in rural Maryland and that they hold extensive military contracts working mainly on propulsion systems. Newly promoted Admiral Tain poses as a prospective buyer and meets with Keith Austin, the Director of Public Relations. He gives them a tour of the grounds and they discuss the potential for new business. They see that the site is heavily fortified and guarded. Through satellite surveillance they discover a suspicious man made lake and a cabin in the woods. They decide to make a quick strike using their helicopter to attempt to reach the lake and cabin. Malkin unfortunatley is unable to manage the rope drop and falls sustaining major injuries. Tain and Alvarez take off to the cabin and find that it is empty. They find a safe and get Carlotta to open it. Inside they find bonds to Swiss bank account and a USB drive.

While escaping they are stalked by an unknown woman. Alvarez succumbs to some sort of mind control and shoots Tain fatally. The team decide to beat a hasty retreat back to their headquarters in New York.

And now the continuation…



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