Sibyl Systems

Description: A high-tech research firm that primarily does military-related contract work for the government. The company headquarters is located at rural facility in Maryland, but it has offices in most major cities in the world.

Background: Sibyl Systems is a principle contractor to the U.S. government for advanced research involving propulsion systems. Many of its technicians are among the best in the world. The actual work that the company does is highly classified, as is their financial portfolio. The company was founded in 1981.

Deep Background: The company is one of the major contractors involved with several military bases in the western portions of the country. This helps explain why they are so tight with security. Their facility in Maryland is surrounded by two fences, sophis-ticated intrusion alert systems and armed guards. A few ex-employees report that several buildings on the site were off-limits and that was where the really secret work was going on, but no one knows what that could be. No evidence pointed to the nature of the top secret work, but men in dark suits kept coming and going from those buildings.

Sibyl systems compound

1. Administration Building: This two-story building is grey concrete with little windows dotting its sides.

2. Residence: This wooden building is four stories high, and contains the apartments that are home to the scientists and workers who live on site.

3. Electronics Laboratory: This single-story building is home to the high-tech electronics research that Sibyl Systems is reputed for

4. Sibyl Building: This lovely five-story building is designed in beige and light pink tones with a modern art sculpture in the front and a huge reception hall staffed by a receptionist and a security guard.

5. Testing Laboratory: This little one-story brick building houses scientists working on advanced technologies. All doors in this building have signs indicating that this building is restricted to authorized access only.

6. Testing Laboratory: This large grey stone building is home to a laboratory that is also restricted access. All doors in this building have signs indicating that this building is restricted to authorized access only.

1st Floor

Sibyl restricted lab 1st


Sibyl restricted lab underground

7. Log Cabin: A log cabin is located about a twenty minutes walk from the main compound. The two-story building has a set of cameras which watch over the front porch and entrances.

Secret Underground

Sibyl secret underground

Sibyl Systems

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