The Truth is a Lie

The day the helicopter exploded

Col. Weaver died, Booth died, Bobby died

Jan 22, 2016

Call from Athena – asked to meet.

has info about Voeth’am (she)

track her to Colarado – with assistance from syble systems

high level of security, booby traps

greys are their enemy, she doesn’t understand why Voeth’am is working with them

no exact location – near rockys

“the nameless priests” – leaders of the atlantians

gave us a briefcase – viles – antidote to grey virus – will keep us safe for about a week

has been reports of strange craft in the area -

Have maps of CO. / survaillence photos
noticed a heat signature in the rocky mountains (underground base)

28 hours to get to CO
Flight arranged though military
terrance is with us

Rented a helicopter – flew into mountains

Attached by robot
Bobby shot it with the super plasma gun
Col. Weaver took over piloting from Terrance
Robot shot up the helicopter
helicopter was destroyed, exploded
Col. Weaver died, Bobby Renolds died, Booth died, Terrance died, Alexi was saved by Hun Lou,



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