Terrance McGovern

Awkward Helicopter Pilot


Name: Terrance McGovern Player: NPC
Character type: Pre-Heroic

Gender: Male Age: 38 Hair: Brown
Race: Caucasian Height: 6’0 Weight: 195 Eyes: Blue

Physical Attributes Mental Attributes Secondary Attributes
Strength: 3 Intelligence: 2 Life Points: 34 Endurance Points: 35
Dexterity: 3 Perception: 2 Speed: 12 Essence Pool: 15
Consitution: 3 Willpower: 2

Qualities and Drawbacks
Quality or Drawback Level Cost XPs Notes
Animal Empathy 1 2 0
Resources Quality 1 2 0
Slow Metabolism 1 1 0
Charisma Drawback 3 -3 0
Emotional Problems – Emotional Dependency 1 -1 0
Honorable 1 -1 0
Sleep Disorder – Deep Sleeper 1 -2 0
Talentless 1 -2 0
Vulnerability (Disease) 1 -1 0 Type might be Disease, Poison, Pain, and more.

Skill Level Cost XPs Notes
Guns (Handgun) 2 2 0
Piloting (Helicopter) 4 4 0
Mechanic 3 3 0

Damage: D4xStrength.
Reference: ConX167.

Damage: D4x(Strength+1).
Reference: ConX167.

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Mid 30’s male sporting a bushy mustache. Wears a traditional pilots uniform that always seems just a little unkempt. Always seems to have an excited slightly goofy smile on his face.


Terrance is exuberant and loud. He is often overly excited to be included in whatever is going on. He speaks quickly, with a lateral lisp. He is a skilled, if not bungling, pilot. Socially awkward.


He is exuberant and loud and throws himself 100% into what he’s doing. He is fiercely loyal to those he considers friends. Slightly gullible.


Terrance just wants to fit in.


Terrance is the son of a military family. Due to constant moves and his lisp he found it hard to make true friends. This did not stop him from trying. When he grew up he decided to become a helicopter pilot and became quite skilled at it. He has served in the military for most of his adult life without attaining much acclaim.

Winner of the Obsidian Portal April’s Fool Contest: Modern Category

Terrance McGovern

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