Han Sing Lau

Former ATF field agent. Walked away from his position in the ATF to work with Aegis.


Name: Han Sing Lau Player: Dan Hennigar
Concept: Hero Cop, fed up with the system Association ATF Field Agent Life Points: 42 / 42

Endurance Points: 41 / 41

Attributes XP: Raised STR, DEX, INT, PER, WILL

Character type: Heroic

Gender: Male Age: 31 Hair: Black
Race: Chinese Height: 5’8 Weight: 168 Eyes: Brown

Physical Attributes Mental Attributes Secondary Attributes
Strength: 5 Intelligence: 4 Life Points: 42 Endurance Points: 41
Dexterity: 5 Perception: 4 Speed: 16 Essence Pool: 25
Consitution: 3 Willpower: 4

Qualities and Drawbacks
Quality or Drawback Level Cost XPs Notes
ATF Field Agent 1 12 0 Must buy the Following Skills – Dodge 1,Guns (Handgun) 1,Stealth 1. Includes Influence (Law Enforcement) 1, Resources 1, Status 1, Obligation 1. Pulling Strings – Arrest Powers, CEASEFIRE, Fingerprinting, SWAT.
Influence 5 0 4 Requires 2 or more levels in combination of Miltary Rank, Resources or Status. (Law Enforcement)
Resources Quality 3 0 4
Status Quality 7 0 6
Arrest Powers 1 0 0 Influence – Law Enforcement.
CEASEFIRE 1 0 0 Influence – Military, Intelligence or Law Enforcement.
Fingerprinting 1 0 0 Influence – Intelligence or Law Enforcement.
SWAT 1 0 0 Influence – Law Enforcement.
Stopping Investigation 1 1 0 Influence – Civilian or Law Enforcement.
Accomplices 1 1 0 Influence – Criminal, Intelligence or Law Enforcement.
Criminal Tracking 1 1 0 Influence – Intelligence or Law Enforcement.
DNA Database 1 1 0 Influence – Intelligence, Law Enforcement or Science and Research.
Obligation 1 0 0 Serious (1)
Body Double Drawback 1 -1 0
Disloyal (Severed Ties) 1 -2 0
Honorable (Serious) 2 -2 0
MKULTRA Survivor 1 -2 0
Minority 1 -1 0
Notoriety 1 -2 0
Ambidexterous 1 3 0
Contact 4 4 0 Bureau of Prisons (Violent Criminals)
Contact 3 0 3 Chinese Triad
Situational Awareness 1 2 0
Fast Reaction Time 1 0 2 +5 to Initiative checks
Natural Toughness 1 0 2 4 points of armor versus blunt attacks

Skill Level Cost XPs Notes
Martial Arts (Ch√°ngqu√°n) 10 6 56
Hand Weapon (Baton) 2 0 8
Throwing (Knives) 1 0 6
Dodge 4 0 9
Guns (Handgun) 4 0 9
Guns (Shotgun) 5 1 14
Bureaucracy 4 2 7
First Aid 3 1 5
Instruction 4 1 9
Language (Chinese) 5 1 14
Escape 3 1 5
Computers 2 1 2
Electronics 3 1 5
Demolitions 4 1 9
Mechanic 2 1 2
Electronic Surveilance 3 1 5
Intimidation 3 1 5
Streetwise 4 2 7
Surveillance 3 1 5
Notice 5 3 9
Questioning 5 2 12
Research and Investigation 5 2 12
Driving (Automobile) 3 1 5
Acrobatics 4 2 12
Stealth 5 0 14
Swimming 1 1 0
Running (Dash) 2 0 8

Shotgun, 12-gauge Slug
Damage: D8x5(20). Range: 5/50/100/200/300. Capacity: 1-8. EV: 8/4. Cost: $1000.
Reference: ConX125.

Handgun, 9mm
Damage: D6x4(12). Range: 3/10/20/60/120. Capacity: 10-15. EV: 1/1. Cost: $500.
Reference: ConX125.

Thrown Knife
Damage: D4x(Strength-1). Range: 3/5/8/10/13. EV: 1/1. Cost: $20.
Reference: ConX125.

Baton/Large Stick
Damage: D6xStrength. EV: 2/1. Cost: $20.
Reference: ConX124.

Laser Sight
EV: neg.Cost: $80.
Notes: 1 to Guns Tasks. Ineffective at more than 200 yards.
Reference: ConX132.

EV: 1 (pistol, SMG, or .22 rifle), 2 (other
rifles), 3 (machine guns).Cost: $300.
Notes: Penalizes Perception Tests to notice gunshots, depending on the weapon (light rifle –6; pistol –4; rifle –3; submachine gun –2; automatic rifle or machine gun –1). Firing a short burst with a silencer burns out the silencer on a dice roll of one. A full-auto burst ruins the silencer. .
Reference: ConX132.

Cell Phone
EV: 1. Cost: $200.
Reference: ConX137.

EV: 8. Cost: $2500.
Reference: ConX137.

Signal Jammer
EV: 1. Cost: $1000.
Reference: ConX138.

EV: 4. Cost: $1000.
Notes: Can be attached to any radio transceiver including a cell phone.
Reference: ConX138.

EV: 2. Cost: $150.
Notes: Range: 50 yards.
Reference: ConX143.

Vest, Kevlar
Armor Value: (D6x2)
14 (20). EV: 16. Cost: $800.
Notes: Causes at least medium encumbrance regardless of Strength.
Reference: ConX144.

EV: 2. Cost: varies.
Reference: ConX143.

EV: 1. Cost: $50.
Reference: ConX143.

Weight: 2,500. Speed: 130/65. Acceleration: 30. Range: 550. Toughness: 2. Handling: 4. DC: 45. AV: 2-5. Accuracy: n/a. Cost: $25,000. Crew: 1. Passengers: 4.
Notes: Equipped with an auto safety kit.
Reference: ConX148.

Martial Arts – PG 166 – Martial Arts lvl 10 + Dex lvl 5

Ch√°ngqu√°n (Long Fist Style) – Wushu
Purchasing the Martial Arts skill grants access to three core combat moves. Each of the core combat moves is automatically learned at the same level as the Martial Arts skill.

Core Combat Moves = to Martial Arts Skill (10)
Punch: Closed fist, extended arm. Damage: D4 x Strength.
Jump Kick: On a failed Dexterity and Jump Kick Task, the character must
pass a Difficult Dexterity Test or fall prone, suffering D4
points of damage. Damage: D6 x (Strength + 2).
Crescent Kick: A powerful circular kick. This attack suffers the same
unbalancing risk as the Back Kick Move. Damage: D6 x

For each level of Martial Arts skill, the character gains three points to purchase additional combat moves (and only additional combat moves). Each level of each additional combat move costs one point. Thus, a character with Martial Arts 3 would have nine points to spend. Current Martial Arts Points = 30 (lvl 10 × 3)

No combat move level may be higher than a character’s Martial Arts skill. The Martial Arts skill is increased as any other Special skill (see p. 184). Such an increase also raises each core combat move. A Martial Arts skill improvement also provides three points to spend on a one-for one basis for already known additional combat moves. Otherwise, additional combat moves may be improved as Regular skills. New combat moves may be learned at the cost of six points for level one (which may be drawn from points granted by new Martial Arts skill increases or from experience points).

Learned Martial Arts Maneuvers:
Block + Crescent Kick + Shove (3 points)
Punch + Spin Kick + Trip (3 points)
Parry + Punch + Jump Kick (3 points)
Grab + Knee Strike + Spin Kick (3 points)

Learned Combat Moves:
Trip 2: A successful Dexterity and Trip Task knocks the opponent prone. Damage: D6.
Spin Kick 2: Other than the increased damage, this move is the same as the Kick Move and suffers the same unbalancing risks. Damage: D4 x (Strength + 2).
Roll with Blow 2: This move is used whenever the character has been successfully hit in hand-to-hand or melee combat, and does not use an action. It is tested immediately after a blow lands but before damage is calculated. Each Success Level in a Dexterity and Roll with Blow Task reduces the damage multiplier of the attack by one (if the multiplier is reduced to zero, no damage is inflicted). Successive Roll with Blow moves in one Turn suffer cumulative –2 penalties. Damage: None.
Knee Strike 2: Although commonly aimed at the target’s vulnerable area (below the belt), this attack can be combined with other moves to strike other areas (grabbing the head and kneeing in the face is a classic move). It doesn’t really do a lot of damage, but if hit in the vitals, the target needs to pass a Difficult Constitution Test or be stunned and lose his next action. Damage: D4 x (Strength – 1).
Kick 2: This attack suffers the same unbalancing risk as the Back Kick move. Damage: D4 x (Strength + 1).
Grab 2: Much more than a quick clutch or tenuous grasp, a Dexterity and Grab Task secures a limb or the torso in a solid hold. A successful Grab allows the attacker to employ one additional combat move in the same Turn without incurring a multiple action penalty for that move. A Grab may also follow a parry or dodge defense action with no multiple action penalty to either maneuver. Damage: None.
Break Free 2: Breaking free from some kind of hold (Arm Lock, Choke, Grab, etc.) requires a Resisted Task between the attacker’s and defender’s Difficult Strength Tests. A Strength and Break Free Task may be used in place of either roll. Damage: None.
Flip 2: When prone, the character may attempt a Dexterity and Flip Task to get up without using an action. If successful, the character may act normally that Turn (performing both an attack and a defense action). Failure uses a defense action, and the character remains on the ground. Damage: None.
Shove 2: This move uses a Strength and Shove Task against the target’s Strength and Dexterity Test, or Strength and Martial Arts Task. If the attacker wins, the target is pushed back one yard per Success Level and must pass a Simple Dexterity Test
minus the Success Level of the Shove or fall prone. Damage: None.

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Han Sing Lau

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