Col. Tom Weaver

US Army Ranger - Special liaison to the CDC


Name: Col. Tom Weaver Player: Lee
Association US Army Rangers
Character type: Heroic

Gender: Male Age: 35 Hair: black
Race: White boy Height: 6’1 Weight: 200 Eyes: brown

Physical Attributes Mental Attributes Secondary Attributes
Strength: 4 Intelligence: 4 Life Points: 42 Endurance Points: 44
Dexterity: 5 Perception: 4 Speed: 18 Essence Pool: 26
Consitution: 4 Willpower: 5

Qualities and Drawbacks
Quality or Drawback Level Cost XPs Notes
US Army Ranger 1 12 0 Must buy the Following Skills – Demolitions 1, Guns (Aussalt Rifle) 1, Stealth 1. Includes Influence (Military) 1, Military Rank 1, Resources 1, Obligation 2. Pulling Strings – Base Clearance, Cheaper Vehicles (Military), Military Training Facilities, Mobility, NIMA Support, Satellite Surveillance (Intelligence).
Influence: Military 8 5 2 Requires 2 or more levels in combination of Miltary Rank, Resources or Status. Civilian, Criminal, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Military, Paranormal or Science and Research.
Military Rank Quality 7 3 3 Colonel
Resources Quality 4 2 4
Status Quality (DOD) 8 0 8
Status Quality (CDC) 6 0 6
Obligation 2 0 0 Mild (0), Serious (1), Extreme (2) or Total (3)
Base Clearance 1 0 0 Influence – Intelligence or Military.
Cheaper Vehicles 1 0 0 Influence – Any. (Military)
Military Training Facilities 1 0 0 Influence – Military.
Mobility 1 0 0 Influence – Civilian, Criminal, Intelligence or Military.
NIMA Support 1 0 0 Influence – Intelligence or Military.
Satellite Surveillance: Intelligence 1 0 0 Influence – Intelligence or Military.
Secret SDI Gun Stars 1 0 3 Influence – Military or NASA Profession.
Atlanten Nanotech: Blood Surgeon Repair System 3 0 3 Page 226

Each system must be purchased as a separate Paranormal Quality.

Resistance (Disease) 10 0 10 Type might be Disease, Poison, Pain, and more.
Natural Toughness 1 0 2 ARMOUR 4 against Blunt attacks

The character is tougher than normal, capable of taking a
punch without flinching. Tough characters have 4 points of
Armor Value against blunt attacks, such as fists or baseball bats.
Bullets and slashing attacks are unaffected by this Quality.

Nerves of Steel 1 0 3 A character with this Quality is almost impossible to scare. Whether he is too dumb or too tough to be frightened is open to question, but he can keep his cool even in the face of unspeakable horror. Only the most bizarre and terrifying situations make an impression on a fearless character, and even

then he has a good chance of not succumbing to panic. The character must make Fear Tests only when confronted with the strangest supernatural manifestations, and gains a +4 bonus to
his roll even then.

Ambidexterous 1 0 3 Ambidextrous Cast Members can use either hand with equal proficiency. This gives them a natural advantage in combat situations.

An ambidextrous Cast Member gains one extra combat action at no penalty each Turn if fighting with a weapon in each hand.

This applies to close-combat weapons (swords,
knives, baton) and ranged weapons (pistols, SMGs), unless such weapons are designed to be used with two hands (assault rifles, shotguns). The extra action can be used for defense if the character is armed with a melee weapon in one hand.

Official Identity – False Identity 1 0 2 Each Level adds an additional identity.
No Trace 1 0 1 Influence – Intelligence or Military.

When necessary, certain military flights can be erased from existence.
To have a flight removed from the logs and all other records,
along with orders sent out to quiet those who worked the airfields, a
Willpower and Bureaucracy Task is necessary. A +2 modifier is applied
for secret or stealth military aircraft, as less of their movements are
recorded “officially.” Any aircraft which was involved in an air incident
(attack, near miss, or actual collision) is much harder to hide — a –2
penalty is applied.

Ally: CDC 1 0 6
Contact: CDC Scientist 1 1 0
CDC Labs 1 0 2 Influence – Intelligence, Military or Science and Research.
Dangerous Toxins 1 0 2 Influence – Criminal, Intelligence, Law Enforcement or Military.
Dangerous Virus 1 0 2 Influence – Criminal, Intelligence, Law Enforcement or Military.
Quarantine 1 1 0 CDC Profession.
Psychological Problem – Reckless 1 -1 0 Recklessness: A reckless character is supremely overconfident and

impulsive, willing to take incredible risks, often without thinking of the
consequences. Most of the time, he never looks before he leaps — and
gets into all kinds of trouble as a result. He says what’s on his mind
with no consideration for diplomacy or courtesy, rushes into dangerous
situations, and rarely wastes time on second thoughts. Reckless
does not necessarily mean suicidal, though. Acting on impulse no
doubt puts the character in jeopardy, but doing something that is clearly
lethal is not roleplaying, it’s just stupid.

Psychic Sink 2 -8 0 Can’t have Psychic, Supernatural Focus, Psychic Burnout, Psychic Void or Psychic Link. This Drawback may be purchased multiple times, increasing the effects of the Psink‚Äôs draining abilities.

Skill Level Cost XPs Notes
Guns (Handgun) 7 5 13
Guns (Assault Rifle) 6 4 6
Guns (Heavy Machine Gun) 4 2 7
Throwing (Sphere) 3 1 5
Demolitions 2 0 2
Hand Weapon (Knife) 4 1 9
Bureaucracy 5 5 0
Notice 5 1 14
Stealth 3 0 5
Questioning 4 2 5
Smooth Talking 5 1 14
Surveillance 4 1 9
Driving (Military Tracked Vehicle) 3 1 5
Driving (Car) 3 1 5
Piloting (Helicopter) 5 1 14
System Operations (Radar) 1 1 0
Sport (Parachuting) 1 0 3
Language (Arabic) 2 1 2
Tracking 5 1 14
Running (Dash) 3 1 5
Survival (Forest) 2 1 2
First Aid 2 0 8
Swimming 1 1 0
Computers 2 1 2
Science (Forensics) 3 1 5
Medicine (Diseases) 2 0 11
Medicine (Biohazard Control) 2 0 11
Science (Biochemistry) 2 0 8
Myth and Legend (UFOology) 3 0 11
Myth and Legend (Cryptozoology) 2 0 8

Gov. ID – US Army special liasion to the CDC
CDC ID Badge

High-Velocity Handgun, .44 magnum x2 (ROLL: d10 + 12) (1 laser sight it using 1 gun)
Damage: D6x6(18). Range: 4/15/30/90/180. Capacity: 6-10. EV: 2/1. Cost: $1800.
Reference: ConX125.
- Silencer – on pistols
- Laser Sight – on pistol & Assault rifle Notes: +1 to Guns Tasks. Ineffective at more than 200 yards. Reference: ConX132.

Assault Rifle, 5.56 mm (ROLL: d10 + 12)
Damage: D8x4(16). Range: 10/50/150/600/2000. Capacity: 20-30. EV: 8/4. Cost: n/a($2400).
Reference: ConX125.

Grenade Launcher (underbarrel)
Range: 30/50/100/200/350. Capacity: 1. EV: 4/1. Cost: $600.
Reference: ConX128.

Grenade, Offensive
Damage: Ground Zero = 1 yard: D6x8(24). General Effect = 3 yards: D6x6(18). Maximum Range = 5 yards: D6x2(6).Range: 3/7/10/13/20.
Reference: ConX128.

Telescopic Sight – on assault rifle
EV: 1. Cost: $300.
Notes: Reduce the range penalties by two categories. For example, a target at long range is viewed as short range, so the –3 penalty to hit is negated. Does not affect damage reductions due to long or extreme range (see p. 168).
Reference: ConX132.

Flashlight Mount – assault rifle
EV: neg.Cost: $50.
Reference: ConX131.

Derringer (On leg by left foot)
Damage: D6x3(9). Range: 3/10/20/60/120. Capacity: 2. EV: 1/1. Cost: $300.
Reference: ConX125.

Body Armor
Armor Value: (D8x3)
18 (30). EV: 12. Cost: $2000.
Notes: Causes at least medium encumbrance regardless of Strength.
Reference: ConX142.

Vest, Kevlar
Armor Value: (D6x2)14 (20). EV: 16. Cost: $800.
Notes: Causes at least medium encumbrance regardless of Strength.
Reference: ConX144.

Large Knife
Damage: D4xStrength. Damage Type: Slashing/Stabbing. EV: 1/1. Cost: $50.
Reference: ConX124.

Night-Vision Goggles
EV: 1. Cost: $3000.
Notes: –1 penalty to all visual Perception Tests and Notice Tasks due to restricted field of vision.
Reference: ConX134.

EV: 1. Cost: $50.
Reference: ConX143.

Camouflage Fatigues- US Army / Urban
EV: 2. Cost: $400.
Notes: +1 Stealth when in appropriate terrain.
Reference: ConX142.

Camouflage Fatigues- US Army / Forrest
EV: 2. Cost: $400.
Notes: +1 Stealth when in appropriate terrain.
Reference: ConX142.

Uniform – US Army Dress Uniform
EV: 2. Cost: varies.
Reference: ConX143.

Biohazard Supplies

Biohazard Ambulance
Weight: 4500. Speed: 110/55. Acceleration: 20. Range: 350. Toughness: 3. Handling: 2. DC: 60. AV: 5. Accuracy: n/a. Cost: $90,000. Crew: 1. Passengers: 4.
Notes: Equipped with a vehicle comm link and medical supplies (
2 to First Aid or Medicine for stabilization only), 3 biohazard suits, 2 ranged stunners, 3 flashlights, specimen jar and tools, portable biocontainment pod, disinfectant chemical spray and body bags.
Reference: ConX144.

Biohazard Suit
EV: 30. Cost: $1000.
Notes: Causes at least light encumbrance regardless of Strength.
Reference: ConX140.

Quarantine Tent (In van)
EV: 100. Cost: $3500.
Reference: ConX140.

Specimin Jars and Collection Tools
EV: 10. Cost: $100.
Reference: ConX141.

Stunner, Ranged
Damage: special. Range: 1/2/5/7/10. Capacity: 10. EV: 1/1. Cost: $200.
Reference: ConX125.

Stunned for D6 rounds
10 Charges

The ranged stunner is a small pistol that is used by lawenforcement agencies and security forces to subdue violent individuals. The pistol fires two small barbed darts that remain connected to the pistol by a thin conductive wire. The darts will penetrate normal clothing but not armor. On contact, the stunner sends a jolt of electricity down the wire, forcing the target to make a Difficult Constitution Test to avoid being stunned as long as the darts are connected.

Even if the roll is successful, the target will be stunned for the next D6 Turns. As long as the
darts stay attached to the target, the shooter may send more jolts down the wire (expending charges but requiring no roll to hit). Ranged stunners hold two darts and a rechargeable battery good for 10 electric jolts.

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US Army Ranger: Col. Tom Weaver

Climbed ranks quickly for superior performance, several tours in the Middle East and many classified missions. As Tom Weaver climbed the ranks, he was eventually assigned as the special liaison to the CDC. One mission, in Central America, Tom’s unit was assisting the CDC combat an unusual disease. While his entire unit contracted the disease, Tom seemed to be able to resist it. This allowed the CDC to complete their investigation and eventually treat the disease. This was the mission that caught the attention of Aegis.

Col. Weaver holds:

Status with the US Army
Rank: Colonel

For his many years of work with the CDC, he holds Status with them and has a close ally, a senior CDC Scientist.

During his time before Aegis, Col. Weaver has recieved:

Medal of Honor during Operation Enduring Freedom
Distinguished Service Cross
Army Achievement Medal
Purple Heart
Silver Star
Joint Service Commendation Medal for his work with the US Air Force
Army Good Conduct Medal
Army Superior Unit Award

Special traits:

Natural resistance to Disease
Psychic Sink

Has studied knowledge on Medicine, Diseases, Biohazard Control, Biochemistry to assist him with his work as liasion to the CDC.

Col. Weaver’s work with Aegis:

Col. Weaver was recruited to Aegis many years ago. Since this time, Col. Weaver has continued to work with the CDC, seeking out exterterrestial viruses and diseases, containing and cataloguing them. His mission is to allow his counterparts in the CDC to “get a head start” on any threats.

Due to the volatile nature of his work, Aegis implanted him with experimental Atlantian Nanotech – Blood Surgeon Repair System. This has helped to bolster his resistance and increases his chances for getting back from high conflict areas.

Col. Tom Weaver

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