The ghost that haunts Alexei Kalashnikov.


At the age of 21, Alexei Kalashnikov emerged as a promising “seer” and talented field agent for the covert operations of the Soviet Union. However, he was prone to erratic flashbacks, and ongoing psychiatric evaluation was able to identify a rapidly emerging hallucinatory personality that Alexei referred to only as “Boris”… a twisted and disturbed version of himself. Boris is a fragment of unchecked subconscious dedicated to undermining the will of those to who Alexei is so loyal. Those that had applied training so severe and so emotionally destructive that it would be considered torture by today’s standards.

When Alexei relocated to North America, he was able to almost command his mental fragility. However in the early 2000’s his visions of Boris began to return to him in earnest, and of their own volition. Psychotherapists diagnosed the effect to be an “unprovoked release of internalized psychic potential”. In effect, the dam burst.

In effect Alexi’s mental degradation along with psychic ability created a fetch, a spiritual doppelganger. Boris is an imprint of Alexi’s tortured subconscious on the Seepage. He is a twisted duplicate of Alexi and is capable of independent thought and action. He haunts Alexi’s footsteps and seeks to do him, and especially those he works for harm. Boris is not keen to kill Alexi, as that would mean his own destruction, but is not above putting him into dangerous situations. Boris seeks to use Alexi as a means of destroying those who have done him harm.


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