Alexei Kalashnikov

A haunted, grim remnant of the Cold War, Alexei brings both military training and covert talents to the mission


Alexei Kalashnikov is an average looking, average mannered, generally average individual, save for a strong resolve and a remarkable eye for detail and minutae. In his younger days, Alexis was the image of the soviet soldier, having had extensive and grueling soviet combat and physical training in addition to psychic regiments. Now, though years have worn on him, he still carries a fighting frame and the iron discipline of the red state.


Alexei Was indoctrinated into Project Rasputin at the age of 10 in 1969, when secret operatives of the KGB identified emerging supernatural ability in the troubled teen, as well as tendencies toward unusual manifestations of chance and supernormal activity in his genetic line. At this time, Project Rasputin existed within the turmoil and paranoia of the Cold War, and many of the policies outlining ethical practice within the organization had yet to be crafted. Training was difficult (both mentally and physically), and still today, Alexei is prone to flashbacks that take his mind back to his nights as a youth in the laboratories and deprivation tanks of the Dr Markova’s elaborate psychic development treatments. He has the hardened attitude and cold demeanor of a soldier of the soviet military… a detachment that is aggravated by the traumatic psychic treatments he endured.

Alexei was trained in The System, the Soviet martial fighting form of the Spetznaz. However, trainees enrolled in the Psychic development program were privileged to receive training in “Systema Speciale”, which focuses even further on application of the Gun Katas and the pistol as both a weapon of melee as well as a firearm.

At the age of 21, Alexei emerged as a promising “seer” and talented field agent for the covert operations of the state. However, his erratic flashbacks continued, and ongoing psychiatric evaluation was able to identify a rapidly emerging hallucinatory personality that Alexei referred to only as “Boris”… a twisted and disturbed version of himself. A fragment of unchecked subconscious dedicated to undermining the will of those to who Alexei is so loyal. Those that had applied training so severe and so emotionally destructive that it would be considered torture by today’s standards… certainly defying the mandates of the Universal Declarations of the UN and global policies.

In 1992, Alexei relocated to North America, to operate within a US Rasputin Research and Development Laboratory in Denver Colorado, for the most part dealing with Psychotrons and to a lesser extent monitoring Satellite Alexis data feeds. In this reduced capacity, Alexei was able to almost command his mental fragility. The high altitude and rural locale demanded by the Alexis satellite equipment provided an emotional and mental respite for the ex-spy, however in the early 2000’s his visions began to return to him in earnest, and of their own volition. Psychotherapists diagnosed the effect to be an “unprovoked release of internalized psychic potential”. In effect, the dam burst.

Over the next decade, he would work tirelessly to regain control of his Psychic powers. Knowing that he could not hide from them, he redoubled his effort to command them, and this focus would result in a dramatic shift in Alexei’s ability. While still not a peak psychic specimen by Aegis standards (due in part to his age), Alexei’s other field abilities made him a unique prospect for the organization. Despite a mid range level of Clairvoyant power (measured to 24,000 Zener units of predictive and geo-cognitive power, and an almost negligible telekinetic aptitude, the Russian Psychic was added to the Kirkhauser list at Aegis, and became an official observational target for recruitment.

It was not until Alexei’s latest vision, that Aegis made a move to recruit the russian psychic.

Name: Alexei Kalashnikov Player: Mike Hennigar
Concept: Psychic Agent Association Project Rasputin 2 Weeks of Downtime (Earned 5 XP)

Attributes Increased:

Character type: Talented

Gender: Male Age: 53 Hair: Dark with Grey Flecks
Race: Caucasian (Russian) Height: 5’11" Weight: 186lbs Eyes: Steel Grey

Physical Attributes Mental Attributes Secondary Attributes
Strength: 2 Intelligence: 4 Life Points: 26 Endurance Points: 29
Dexterity: 3 Perception: 6 Speed: 10 Essence Pool: 44
Consitution: 2 Willpower: 4

Qualities and Drawbacks
Quality or Drawback Level Cost XPs Notes
RASPUTIN Psychic Agent 0 16 0
Influence: Intelligence 4 0 3 Requires 2 or more levels in combination of Miltary Rank, Resources or Status.
Resources: Well Off 2 2 0 $10,000 / Month $300K Property & Assets
Status 6 0 4 Bonus +1 per 2 Levels of Resources (Included)
Psychic 1 0 0
Occult Library 1 0 0 Influence – Paranormal.
Psi Labs 1 0 0 Influence – Paranormal.
Psychotrons 1 0 0 RASPUTIN Profession.
Satellite Alexis 1 0 0 RASPUTIN Profession.
Obligation 3 0 0 Mild (0), Serious (1), Extreme (2) or Total (3)
Strong ESP: Hunch 1 2 0 Each system must be purchased as a separate Paranormal Quality.
Haunted 1 -3 0
Emotional Problems – Humorless 1 -1 0
Flashbacks 3 -3 0
Animal Animosity 1 -2 0
Sleep Disorder – Recurring Nightmares 1 -1 0

Skill Level Cost XPs Notes
Electronics 1 1 0
Science (Parapsychology) 2 1 2
Bureaucracy 2 1 2
Computers 1 1 0
Dodge 3 1 5
Electronic Surveilance 2 1 2
Escape 2 1 2
Guns (Handgun/Pistol) 4 4 0
Language (English) 2 2 0
Lock Picking (Type) 2 1 2
Martial Arts (Type) 4 6 5
Notice 2 1 2
Research and Investigation 2 1 2
Smooth Talking 1 1 0
Stealth 2 1 2
Surveillance 3 1 5

Meta Level Cost XPs Notes
Clairvoyance Art 3 2 10
Clairvoyance Strength 6 3 34
Telekinesis Art 3 2 10
Telekinesis Strength 5 3 24
Telemagery Art 3 2 10
Telemagery Strength 3 3 12


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Alexei Kalashnikov

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