The Truth is a Lie

Special Agent Marrek's Aegis Report (December 5, 2014)

Where in the world is Irene Star?

December 5, 2014

Continued to explore Cyble Systems Compound

Attack went wrong – Mike hurt

Protocol 13

Intel File on captured Cyble guard (2 days)
-record from orphanage – owned by Rymning diversified

research facility
closed down

3 nights ago – irene star
where? at the base
purpose of the base – researching –
how many guards 20
levels 2
how is irene stear on base – 1 time

Went back to complex – no one was there

Found Tennant in the complex – needle marks all poked through him

Found old computer and files
-very old
-research into genitic testing program
-involved dolphin and unknown DNA

Looks like Tennant was the dream Mike was seeing
-he remembers them questioning us
-remembers Irene Starr
-The Blues – they are after the blue greys
- Man – short guy – sun glasses – hat – wide brim – watching everything
-Agents called each other Agent Black, Smith

Arrest Warrent put out for Irene Starr (FBI)

Ryming Diversified -



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