The Truth is a Lie

Col. Weavers Report

The capture of Irene Star (part 2)

Sept 18—————————

Adam “Dick” Booth – used psy powers to contact Irene Star, set up a meet

willing to meet at an apartment in an upscale neighbourhood

went to meeting, we told her we were flipped by agent X

she said she was going to use us, pulled out a metal object, Hung Lou punched and kicked her

power went out in the building

I shot at the guard, Bobby grabbed the guy, Hung Lou jump kicked the guard in the head and killed him.

more armed guards came up stairs,

we took Irene Star with us,

Bobby shot one guard in the neck, Col. Weaver shot one in the hand, Booth lit the other stairwell door on fire, Lou shoved one over the railing,

Got away

On way home Daniel Burns had broken out of his cell, we talked him into staying with us to learn more.

Questioning Irene Star:

Took blood work, she has nanites lke daniel
DNA – parts not human

REQ a copper cage to help subdue her psy powers
Col. Weaver’s Psink ability will help this as well

New weapon: Device she had: gas dispenser
gas has nano tech devices inside them
nanites are in airborn form
meant to attack bodies of unaltered humans

Masters are the greys

Robot belongs to her associate to obtain daniel
tall, blond, long hair,
associate approached Irene, trade tech

Put in Herme’s Alert requesting help

Phone call – Athena – wants to meet
Parking garage -

Giant construct – robot –
to deal with it she gave us a particle accelerator rifle



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