The Truth is a Lie

Col. Weaver's Aegis Report - Warehouse Attack

Attack on warehouse

December 4, 2015

Renolds questioned Irene Starr – found out weapon is being made in an abandoned factory in New Jersey

Req – Gun Star moved into position. 1 hour countdown
“theme to air wolf”
SWAT Team called in, they provide a distraction for us entering the warehouse
We land on the roof

Paradox, and our soilders came with us

went into lower level – attacked guards
Bobby shot a gun in the throat

Col. Weaver shot a gernade at a group of 5 hiding, did 216 points of damage, leaving only a red mist behind. We dispatched the rest.

Planted C-4 all over the lower level, timed to go off at the same time as the gun star

Put the area in QUARANTINE and tested for traces of nanites

Hung Lou stopped investigation

Later – Irene Starr was screaming in her cell, her leg was melting away. We asked “tell us how to stop this” -she responded with “you need to stop her, Voeth’am”

Who is Voeth’am?

I don’t know, she gave us the technology – the nanites

“back off” etched into the floor

rewind security – she is sitting there, she grabs her leg, like she was struck with something

Set up a meeting with Athena
We came across Voeth’am
She reacted
hasn’t heard that name in many years

started out as a simple scientist
experiments into lifeforms, human condition
Psychic potential – obsesed with this
she is not of this world
obsessed with gaining psy powers herself
that’s why shes working with the meta humans
she’s dealing with the greys

Athena will look into this

Athena is an alien – Atlantians -

Tennant and Dr. Giles start working on a way to counter the nanite gas



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