The Truth is a Lie

Col. Weaver's Aegis Report

Agent X's capture

June 5, 2015

Interragated Daniel Burns

Started to find advanced weapons

Who do you work for? Defence Intellange Agency
What do you know of the lion heart orphanage – nothing, rasied there till 3
How did you jump? leaped, extra effot, training
why were men in helicopter after you?

Tia Lamburt – FBI Special Agent – New Jersey

All members on our list are in places of high ranking government or organizations

Paradox works on laptop from Daniel Burns place
- lot of info from work over seas
- tried to wipe laptop, interupted
- file uploads to secure server –
- sending DOD info to someone on other end
- Passing on info related to Agies activities
- e-mail – communicating as someone called “X” to go to ground – part of DOD
- mention of our cell – they are tracking him
- going back year and a half
- IP Address – DOD building – Baltamore – homeland security building

Lion heart is there and Cybal HQ used to be there

Magic Worm requested – 8 days

Took heliocopter to building
Hoped out onto building rooftop
found IP address – went to that office
old dusty office, looks like no one has been here in a long time

Paradox found files and a file on agent X, this is his computer
Set up computer so it will send us the data
activate webcam when user goes on it

Shouting in base
Daniel had prudance
We attacked, shot him, he heals fast

Contacted Agent X, want to meet him
he got back to us, told us we could meet him in a wearhouse

Questioned him, Richard found out he was lying
Han Sing Lau attacked him, Agent X went down after 3 kicks

(equipment – 45 cal. backup, kevlar vest, money clip, no idea, phone, USB stick)

Brought him back to base, put him in cell.



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