The Truth is a Lie

Col. Tom Weaver's Aegis Report

July 31, 2015———————————

Questioned X (he lost his agent title)

Booth snorted psy drugs

Herme’s report – Blue Report
low traffic, higher filters

Booth’s Mind Probe:
Uses that base as a base of ops to pass along secret info

while questioning, X collapsed
X had a stroke or blood clot

Dan asked a hunch – was agent x’s collapse a natural issue?

hacked into X’s USB drove – DOD files – agis info

Daniel Burns -questions –
paid for info
he was contacted by e-mail at first,
syble systems

X was his syble contact

Mind probed – he is working for syble and working for NDD aka Black Book

Autopsy on X – artery in neck cause of death, it was crushed
someone vadered him

Daniel Burns – woken up again
He was investigating her as part of his duries with the DIA – he leeked the info to him
he knew irene star – meant with her on occasion
a long time ago
via e-mail

Booth mind probed him and he was attacked just like X
She told me that he was helping our race
Syble did something to him when he was a child and recently to him
she said he was helping advacne the cause
what is the cause? being bread to take over the planet to purge the planet of our filth (humans)

Contacts Irene star thought the small metal sphere – it enhances telepathy ability to work over long range

Blood of Daniel Burns – nanites in his blood


It has come down to drug abuse? Tsk tsk.

Col. Tom Weaver's Aegis Report

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