The Truth is a Lie

Aegis Report

April 17

Daniel Burns – suspect – one of 7

Investigated, he ran, supernatural abilities, leaped across building

Han Sing Lau followed, leaped across as well

Chase continued

Helicopter landed, men in black came out, demanded Daniel Back, Lau took body and jumped through window

Mobile Opression Unit (robot) landed on roof, destroyed helicopter, looked towards where Lau went, then engaged the men in black, slaughtered them

Lau jumped out of the building, hoping Alexi would slow his decent, luckly he did

Mobile Obression Unit came after us next

we got in van, headed to central park

cut small object out of Daniel’s body, threw it out and tried to lose the robot

made it to central park, exploded the swat van and took off in the helicopter



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