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Here you will find a collection of character creation and house rules. We are using UniForge as a character creation/management tool with a custom data file.


You can select from either the Heroic or Talented character types

In UniForge, when creating a “normal” character, select the Mundane > Heroic character type. For a Psychic character you would select the Psychic > Talented character type. For ritualists wanting to create their character using the Talented character type, you would select the Talented > Talented character type in UniForge, but then spend 15 Metaphysics points on rituals on the Skills tab. This is due to the limitations of the program and the fact that rituals can be bought using both Metaphysics and Skill points. Ritualists can also be made using the Mundane character type.

When creating a character in UniForge, make sure the “Character is in play” check box is not selected during initial character creation.

Make sure the “Character is in play” check box is selected when spending any XP whether this is earned as a bonus, pulled over from another character or XP earned during play.

When buying your Profession quality, set the level of the quality to 1 and record it. You then need to add the Qualities that come as part of the profession. Set the level provided by the profession, then set the Cost to 0 and record. This way they can be improved with additional Quality points or XP later with the proper costs. When it comes time to add the Skills for your profession you must buy them as normal as the profession Quality does not cover the skill point costs.

Supplying a character background will provide up to 10 bonus XP.


Below is a list of house rules and rule clarifications:

  1. Improving an Attribute from 5 to 6 costs 10 XP rather than the 5 listed in the book.
  2. Psychics must spend 5 Essence points each time a psychic power is used.
  3. Psychics must spend a number of Essence points equal to the Strength of the psychic power each time it is used. Psychics only need to spend the number of points equivalent to the Strength they wish to use. For example if a Psychic has Telekinesis (Strength) 5, but they only wish to move an object that requires a Strength 1, only 1 Essence Point is required.
  4. Multiple actions suffer a cumulative -2 penalty to all actions taken during the turn. This includes firing multiple shots.
  5. A character who takes time to aim may not move during the turn. Attacks on multiple targets are not allowed.
  6. A character is able to move up to half his Speed rating in yards per turn when taking other actions. This counts as an action and as such can become subject to multiple action penalties.


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