Description: This project was founded in 1983 under MKULTRA’s control to develop genetically advanced warriors for the new millennium. The project was official discontinued in the 1990s.

Background: In the 1960s, Project MKULTRA engaged in genetic engineering experiments that concentrated on creating perfect humans, mentally and physically. All of the subjects wound up insane, and had to be destroyed. After a brief hiatus, Project MKOMEGA began as a new attempt to build super soldiers, learning from the previous project’s failings.

Deep Background: The project was financed by MKULTRA and all of its researchers were ex-MKULTRA, but MKOMEGA kept to itself and confined itself to a top secret facility in rural Virginia. The children created through the project were raised in orphanages throughout the United States, and tracked through implants behind their ears. Some were placed with families through Right Choice, an adoption agency front created for MKOMEGA.

MKOMEGA scientists created only two generations of subjects, wanting to watch their development before developing new DNA patterns. As a result, the project and its charges were largely forgotten since neither of the two generations would reach maturity until after the new millennium.

Location: The MKOMEGA facility is found on a large sixty-acre, heavily forested property, consisting of three outbuildings which contain markings indicating they are Department of Agriculture buildings. Inside the otherwise unremarkable offices and laboratories are elevators leading down into a substantial four level underground genetic research facility. The lower levels are accessed by inserting a special key in a hidden panel in the elevator. However, all paper-work, equipment and samples are gone, and everything is covered in a thick layer of dust. No one has been there in a few years.


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