American Somnambulatory Research Center

Description: The American Somnabulatory Research Center (ASRC) in Baltimore, Maryland assumed the lead in the field of dream research when the Maimonides Medical Center redirected its efforts elsewhere in the early 1980s. The ASRC is renown throughout the United States and the world for its dream and sleep deprivation studies.

Background: The ASRC is a federally recognized research clinic that conducts government and private research on sleep and dreaming. While some interesting research focuses on psychic dreaming, the major programs at the facility concen-trate on sleep deprivation and understanding the mechanism of sleep. The complex covers ten acres of land just outside of Baltimore, Maryland. Of the four buildings that make up the complex, two are used for research projects, one for administration and one houses the researchers. Because the ASRC does some government research, its security system is good: armed guards patrol the grounds.

The ASRC specializes in dream therapy for abductees who find this a safe place to rest and recuperate. The staff also conduct psychic dream research, experimenting with telepathic sending through dreams, precognitive abilities and even contacting one another through dreams.

Deep Background: The majority of the ASRC’s funding comes from the government. The remainder derives from private sources, which many suspect are front for the intelligence community. The ASRC’s sleep deprivation and hypnosis research explains the government connection. Their work on psychic dreaming could also be getting funding from these black sources, but this is unknown. On the other hand, they have become increasingly vocal about their discoveries of late, and this does not mesh with an intelligence sponsor.

Some believe that the facility is actually doing research into mind control through dreams. The fact that UFO abductees tend to show up at ASRC also raises the pos-sibility of a connection between the two. In any case, the psychic research that goes on in public view can’t possibly be their real work because it was all done years ago at the Maimonides Center.

Current Activities: The center is currently studying dream deprivation and ways of dealing with it. They boast a very successful dream therapy center and sleep clinic with a very high success rate. Their research focuses on communication through dreams. Their most famous recent case involves Elisa Brook.

Paul Hollinger of the Skeptic’s Association of America is currently investigating Elisa at the facility. He was given a room in the residence and is interviewing her at length despite her reluctance to talk to him. His has learned that she does not understand what the dreams are or why they are occurring. Hollinger suspects one of the doctors is influencing her in some non-psychic manner.

The Director of Research, Dr. Young, does not like Hollinger’s presence, but puts up with it. He has had some of his top psychics try to find who is sending Elisa these dreams or where she’s getting them, but her mind is sealed tight and they cannot get in. He honestly wants to help her, but would also like to learn how she “eavesdrops” on dreams so that he can employ the technique.

Secrets: A secret section of the ASRC is currently studying the effect of extend-ed dream deprivation among Naval volunteers. These experiments are rumored to be terminal, but this is just speculation. They are also testing drugs which are rumored to artificially create the chemicals released during dreams, allowing agents to work for days without sleep and suffer no ill effects.

The psychic research that is going on is far beyond mere telepathic sending. They are working on remote viewing through dreams as well as remote influencing while in a dream state. So far, they’ve had a great deal of success. Doctor Young is involved with the dream influencing project secretly, but is not in any way influ-encing Elisa and will not even admit to knowing about it.

Security at the center is very lax as much of the work going on is not secretive in the least. However, the top floor of the research building is secured against public access. The elevator will not open onto that floor without a special key. A pair of armed marines are stationed at every entrance to the floor. Only authorized per-sonnel are allowed there.

Location: The ASRC is located on a large 10-acre pastoral plot. It is carefully maintained, and is filled with gardens, trees and chip trails. The four main build-ings include an administrative building (two stories), a residence (three floors), a treatment center (two stories) and a laboratory building (four stories). The top floor of the lab is dedicated to the Naval experiments.

Personnel: Over a hundred administrative, research and scientific staff work at the Center. Only a handful are involved in secretive research. About twenty patients live at the facility at any one time. Nearly forty test subjects come and go throughout the week.

American Somnambulatory Research Center

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