The Truth is a Lie

Lacoste's Journal
The Conspiracy Begins
  • X meets us at the Estate Headquarters.
  • He gives us our HERMES links.
  • We are told that they are in a limited access mode until we can prove ourselves.
  • We are given a mission about incidents at Columbia University. From the outside they appear normal, but when looked at in aggregate
  • Ethan Crawford commited suicide by jumping off the school library.
  • Javier Coletta walked into a classroom, shot the professor and then himself.
  • Rebecca Trembley went into the locker room and shot 10 members of the football team, and is now catatonic.
  • Robert starts to investigate and info about these people at the CIA.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant starts to do computer research on the subject.
  • Major Ellis Creed goes to see Javier Coletta’s apartment in the Bronx.
  • His wife opens the door with his kids in the background.
  • David Lacoste goes to talk to Ethan Crawford’s friends and family.
  • Captain Enabran Tain goes to talk to Rebecca Trembley’s family. They live in a nice condo, have money.
  • Richard goes to investigate the campus. Tries to pick up guilty thoughts or violent thoughts.
  • Also asks around about the people. Gathered a lot of similar info that was found from the families.
  • The door to the roof is unlocked. Richard goes up to investigate.
  • Under one of the air vents, a book bag is stashed.
  • It is Ethan Crawford’s bookbag. Crumpled at the bottom is a flyer for a research study about the stresses of school from the psychology department.
  • Afterwards, we all get a text from Major Ellis Creed to meet at a nearby internet cafe and discuss things.
  • Major Ellis Creed and Dr. Jason Tennant go to the psych department. Both notice the posters in this building and outside of this building. Study was being run by Dr. Peter Norstrum. “If you are troubled or stressed, please participate. Cash reward offered.”
  • Dr. Jason Tennant distracts the secretary, while Major Ellis Creed breaks in to his office. Major Ellis Creed quickly turns the place over. No computer, typewriter on the desk.
  • Strange old device in the office with dials and a set of headphones. Made of wood.
  • Locked filing cabinet with a current research study. Major Ellis Creed takes it and the typewriter ribbon, and climbs out the window.
  • Captain Enabran Tain and Richard goes to see Rebecca Trembley at the hospital in the psych ward.
  • They get copies of her charts.
  • We all meet back at base and investigate the machine.
  • Richard investigates the machine and recognizes it. It is a hemi-sink and is used to create a trance like state to relax the subject.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant investigates Ethan Crawford’s computer files and sees that he had appointments with Dr. Peter Norstrum.
  • Major Ellis Creed looks through the paper files about the research. Dr. Peter Norstrum had appointments every couple of weeks with the people.
Lacoste's Journal
The Industrial Dynamics Connection
  • David Lacoste contacts a friend and gets a safehouse.
  • We schedule a meeting in Central Park by the fountain with Dr. Peter Norstrum.
  • We gear up and head out.
  • Richard Malkin makes contact with the Dr. Peter Norstrum and puts a Tracking Bug on him.
  • He dials Captain Enabran Tain and gets him to put his wife on the phone as proof of life.
  • Dr. Peter Norstrum goes on to talk about his research into the hemi-sync, and how it is used to relieve stresses through hypnosis.
  • Richard is interrogating him and he denys the connection between his research and Industrial Dynamics.
  • Probing deeper he says that they are interested in other, sub-research. He can show Richard more at his office.
  • They take a cab, Major Ellis Creed takes a seperate cab, and the rest take the van.
  • Major Ellis Creed sets up outside the Dr. Peter Norstrum’s window, David Lacoste goes upstairs in the building and waits while Richard and Dr. Peter Norstrum starts going through his stuff.
  • He pulls out a secret computer and a device that he says Industrial Dynamics is actually interested in and uses it on Richard.
  • He senses a ringing in his ears and a slight headache and blacks out. Dr. Peter Norstrum then starts controlling Richard.
  • We converge on the office and cuff Dr. Peter Norstrum and smack Richard. The van comes around to the window.
  • We start to he people in the hall, David Lacoste blocks the door, and a silenced pistol goes off through the glass.
  • We then go out the window with the SWAT Van waiting underneath.
  • Major Ellis Creed places an Audio/Video Bug and gets out the window, at the same time that they smash the window. He takes a shot at them, hitting one square.
  • We take off in the SWAT Van, looking back they are men in dark suits.
  • In the van Dr. Peter Norstrum claims he didn’t contact anyone, and that they might be from Industrial Dynamics.
  • The device is an LB-427 and was given to him by Industrial Dynamics for testing. He used it on the subjects in question. He was to see if it could be used for mind control. The deaths were an unfortunate side effect.
  • We get medical care for Dr. Peter Norstrum back at the Estate Headquarters.
  • Robert finds out that the head of Industrial Dynamics is Major (Retired) Sandford Vaughn They hold a lot of military contracts and deal with a lot of electronics and weapons guidance.
  • Looking at the Audio/Video Bug, these men look really well trained. They leave the office empty handed.
  • Searching through his computer, it seems like Dr. Peter Norstrum was running a study like he said, but further selected special subjects for post hypnotic suggestion studies. There was a note that after repeated use, there were commonly psychotic breaks.
  • Emails on the computer suggest that he wanted to have the device adjusted. The device was something he was given, and that he doesn’t really know how it works. He was well paid for his work.
  • Richard senses that he feels little if any remorse for what he has done. He cares little in his subjects, only about how they can help the study.
  • The device itself is flashlight shaped with weird dials and very clunky. It is made out of known materials and seems human in origin.
  • Reports come out that there was an altercation at Dr. Peter Norstrum’s office and that he and his wife are missing.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant then tries to use the device on Dr. Peter Norstrum and his wife to try and make them forget the past week.
  • It sends some sort of electrical pulse at them. Dr. Peter Norstrum seems less affected than his wife.
  • Richard then takes the device and uses it on him again.
  • It still isn’t entirely effective, so we dope them up and drop them off in New Jersey.
  • At the same time, David Lacoste goes to the scene under official pretenses, gets the Audio/Video Bug, and copies of all the evidence files. We give eveyone a copy to look into it.
  • David Lacoste gets a hit on the prints, they are active military. Major Ellis Creed uses this info to look into them and finds out what base they are stationed at.
  • Major Ellis Creed goes onto base to get their personel info. They are classified and he can’t get access to them. Major Ellis Creed gets the base commander to look into it.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant then tries to hack into the military system to get the info but fails.
  • Major Ellis Creed then uses the email address Major Ellis Creed was using to start a dialogue with them. We set up a very complicated meeting.
  • Major Ellis Creed attacks Robert like a jack-ass, who fights back. It escalates but ends before any final actions are taken.
  • No one from Industrial Dynamics shows up to the meetup.
  • Looking into Industrial Dynamics, we find out that they occupy a floor of a Manhattan high-rise.
  • Search for info on Major (Retired) Sandford Vaughn, he is highly decorated, wounded in the Gulf War, and seems to be in a wheel chair.
  • We eventually decide to go into the Industrial Dynamics building under the pretense of being electricians to tap their lines.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant uses the taps to get into their systems. He finds out that they have some research labs in their office.
  • After downloading what he could get, Dr. Jason Tennant gives them a virus.
  • While going through the info, Dr. Jason Tennant comes upon some old documents from the 60s and 70s from the CIA. They talk about a device called the Mhic-Edom (Microwave hypnotic intracerebral control-electronic dissolution of memory).
  • Dr. Jason Tennant also finds emails from Dr. Peter Norstrum, and emails between Major (Retired) Sandford Vaughn and an unnamed individual. This thrid party provided the CIA documents.
  • Richard recalls that the CIA project, MKULTRA, were supposed to have used the device.
  • Later that evening, we overhear a call by Major (Retired) Sandford Vaughn on the tap saying that things have gone too far, and are too close to home, and that they have to meet. We don’t know who is on the other end.
  • We go to Industrial Dynamics and see Major (Retired) Sandford Vaughn getting into a limo.
  • They eventually arrive in a warehouse district.
  • We go around back and try and surveil the situation. Major Ellis Creed climbs up to a window.
  • The warehouse is poorly lit. Major (Retired) Sandford Vaughn is talking to a man hidden in the shadows, wearing a trench coat and smoking a cigarette. Major Ellis Creed climbs into the building and onto a catwalk.
  • Major (Retired) Sandford Vaughn is saying we need to call this off because of the heat. The other man is insistent about their “deal”. Major (Retired) Sandford Vaughn says he needs to get back to his superiors. The stanger says that he fullfilled his part of the deal by giving him the plan, and he wants in, now.
  • They both leave, and we decide to intercept the stranger.
  • After a scuffle, we apprehend him and head back to base.
  • At base, we give him medical attention, and interrogate him. He reveals himself as Jonas MacDonald.
  • He says he is fed up with AEGIS, trying to leave, and betraying them.
  • He claims Industrial Dynamics have contacts with a common enemy, which we think means Black Book.
  • He says that AEGIS is controlling him, got him using addictive psi-drugs, and used him up.
  • After getting what we can from him, we kill him.
  • Agent X shows up at our base and commends us for uncovering him as a traitor. Agent X is saddened by the fact that we had to kill Jonas MacDonald as he knew him well.
  • Agent X takes Jonas MacDonald’ body and says he will dispose of it.
  • 10 xp received.
Lacoste's Journal
The Saurians Reveal Themselves
  • We arrive back at base with Martin Dubois captured.
  • We ask him about his friend Jeffrey Phillips, member of the Independent Guardians of a Free Earth, who are trying to expose the aliens.
  • The have pictures of government agents meeting the Saurians, which Jeffrey Phillips is currently holding.
  • We discuss how to contact Jeffrey Phillips to try and prove that Martin Dubois is OK so he doesn’t release the photos.
  • We catch some sleep, then in the morning Major Ellis Creed and Dr. Jason Tennant go to the phone booth Jeffrey Phillips is going to, and David Lacoste, Captain Enabran Tain, and Major Ellis Creed go to the press conference.
  • The press conference is full of UFO enthusiasts. The podium for the speeches has an Independent Guardians of a Free Earth logo on it.
  • We convince the manager to cancel the press conference and go in the crowd and try to sow doubt amongst the believers.
  • Major Ellis Creed and Dr. Jason Tennant start checking out the area around Jeffrey Phillips.
  • After calling the phone Jeffrey Phillips was supposed to answer, they verify him and then kidnap him.
  • They go to his house, get a folder with the pictures, and then mind wipe him.
  • While there, they notice a couple people skulking outside.
  • One of them is a guy in a black suit that comes in the building. Very government looking guy.
  • The agents identify themselves as FBI and talk to Jeffrey Phillips.
  • They go out the window to hop the fence. The agents notice them.
  • Major Ellis Creed gets over the fence, Dr. Jason Tennant has trouble. There is a firefight.
  • These “FBI” agents have silenced pistols.
  • After a short battle, they both run. The bad guys give chase and fire at them.
  • They steal a car and start driving. The rest of the group goes to meet them in the SWAT Van.
  • We meet, all get in the SWAT Van, leave the scene and head back to the estate.
  • We listen to the tapes and there are voices talking about a meeting and exchanging equipment. There are coordinates and a time in rural New York, 200 – 300 yards off the main road.
  • We go to the meeting place early. There are spotlights set up, military vehicles and personel around. There are also a couple of men in dark suits.
  • The road is blocked off, and a couple soldiers are setting up weird poles every so often.
  • We set up for surveillance and spread out.
  • Later on, the air starts to move around and shimmer, a crescent shape appears, and it lands.
  • The men in black go inside a hatch that opens, and a few minutes later then come out pushing large metal crates that are hovering.
  • The craft then quickly takes off, and a sonic boom is heard.
  • They then take down the barrier and pack up.
  • Richard Malkin sneaks up and grabs one of the poles, which causes an alarm to go off.
  • We all run for the jeeps.
  • Major Ellis Creed and Dr. Jason Tennant follow the convoy.
  • The convoy goes into a radar station surrounded by barb-wire fence.
  • We note the location and head back to the Estate Headquarters to try and find info about the base through official channels.
  • We find out that the name of the base is Twin Hills Radar Station.
  • We send our reports in to the parent cell. They send back that we should investigate.
  • Captain Enabran Tain gets satellite surveillance of the area.
  • David Lacoste gets a cop to take him over Twin Hills Radar Station in a helicopter, to check the place out.
  • When we go there later that night, it isn’t lit, and doesn’t seem to be guarded.
  • We cut through the fence, but the guards notice David Lacoste and Dr. Jason Tennant. They stay behind to distract the guards, while the rest go further into the compound.
Lacoste's Journal
Creed Falls
  • 2 xp awarded to David Lacoste for the recap.
  • The battle begins.
  • Malkin: “I can’t do anything to help him but kill the guy what killed him.”
  • We don’t get anything worthwhile, and Major Ellis Creed dies.
  • 15 xp and 3 weeks of downtime awarded.
Lacoste's Journal
Ghost Stories
  • After spending weeks healing up, we meet Mr. X.
  • He introduces us to Sebastian Crowley.
  • We are treated to a fine steak dinner, drinks and cigars by Crowley.
  • He leaves with a fine looking woman.
  • We head to Still Grove and investigate the next day.
  • There is a legend that Still Grove is built on an Indian Holy Site, and lots of ghost sightings.
  • We find lots more information on the HERMES link.
  • We go to Amatore’s house. Looks like it is two separate apartments, and Amatore’s is the top floor.
  • There are cops there and it is roped off with police tape.
  • There is an old man sitting on his porch.
Talking with the Dead
  • David Lacoste is off dealing with superiors about an almost decapitated man, from the day before
  • Richard Malkin is still in the hospital and will be there for about 2 weeks.
  • Sebastian Crowley was able to learn by scrying that Charlie was dead, though we he was unable to find to locate his body
  • Enabran Tain is able to pull the records of Darryl Jones, it would take 16 days to get it all. But we did learn right away:
  • He was a notable soldier
  • He went AWOL
  • Where he was last posted
  • That he is 37 years old
    About the larger lady:
    We know that she was seen around the dinner a lot
    Her name is Sister Sarah
  • We decide to go to the diner, Sebastian Crowley and Enabran Tain have video bugs on, so that JasonTennant can hear and see what is going on (he can hardly walk after the fight).
  • The diner is packed, and so Crowley parks his rented car next to a fire hydrant
  • Crowley and Tain notice glyphs around the windows and doors. Crowley knows them to be protective wards against spirits.
  • They sit down to eat, and Maddie comes by to serve them. Crowley buys Tain a steak. The attractive girl, and wiry guy are there again
  • Crowley asks Maddie if she has seen any of the people in the picture, and slides a $50 over. she recognizes it as sister sarah, and says that Sister Sarah is there. and will see them in an hour
  • The couple goes in the room, and then come out 40 min. later, all upset.
  • A couple of cops come in and start causing trouble about them parking next to a fire hydrant. * * Crowley causes a bit of trouble too, mouthing off to the cops, is obvious he has problems with authority. One cop Bert writes him a ticket, and the other Cop talks to Tain.
  • After finding a new parking spot, Crowley slashes the cops tires.
  • Tain and Crowley are taken out back to meet Sister Sarah.
  • I text them to ask about the dates on the back of the photo
  • They pay her her fee, to ask about the dates on the photos. She isn’t sure about the dates.
  • Crowley asks about the picture of Darryl but Sarah doesn’t recognize him.
  • They then ask about Charlie, It seemed he witnessed a murder, it was the death of Beverly Johnson, an old member of the community, Sarah hands Tain her tapes that she recorded from the session.
  • We listen to the tapes at the base:
  • Charlie talks about hiding from them (who is them?)
  • Charlie mentions Platts who is Beverly’s boss
  • Charlie Mentions that Beverly was hurting for Money
  • Robert is Beverly’s son
  • Charlie sees a shadowy figure, and he thinks it’s the Indian ghost
  • A horn from a park car, startles Beverly, She begins to run the other way, in the opposite direction from her house.
  • She gets to the old victor’s house.
  • Charlie sees a ghost that he says looks like his mom. It then dissolves into blood and bone
  • Charlie then sees three more shadowy figures.
  • A black car is seen, and one of the shadowy figures comes out the black Car,it is carrying a Cleaver
    Tape ends.

The Next Day

  • Tain and Crowley learn that Robert is part of the Angels, his nick name (gang name) is Shiv
  • The Black with the girl is Johnny Baker, Also a member of the Angels.
  • They hang out around Bull’s gym.
  • The gang wears Black Leather Vests.
  • Crowley is talking to the gang.
  • Shiv lives on Key and 16th at his mom’s place
  • Tain and Crowley head to the address
  • There are some members there, Drugs and needles are scatted around the house
  • Shiv tells Crowley and Tain about the time he saw a shade at the park, he stabbed it and it disappeared. Crowley asks to buy the knife off of Shiv
  • Crowley and Tain head to the park, and stop off at the church to learn more about the graveyards
  • Tain and Crowley see wisps around the park.
  • Tain, Crowley, and Tennant go to the institute to pay Jeremy Stansfield a visit.
  • Dr. Maryweather a short, stout, balding man with glasses, comes out to greet the agents, he is the doctor looking over Rev. Stansfield
  • He takes us to meet Jeremy Stansfield, he is a man in his fifties, angular features and well dressed, still wearing the collar
  • He was preaching in front of his congregation when a light appeared, a Glowing Being, Everyone say an angel, but he did not, and due to that he felt unworthy.
    Rev. Stansfield is unable to help us, and the more he talks the more upset he becomes. The agents leave.
  • The agents talk to Sister Sarah, and agree to meet up again a little before 12 to have a seance
  • A man named Barren meets us outside, and leads the agents to a building down the street. Where sister Sarah is waiting
  • The Seance begins, and the agents call for Amatore, his spirit enters the room, Crowley seems unaffected to see a ghost. Tennant is a little scared with what is happening.
  • It begins to rain
  • We learn that the ghosts are real
  • The murder victims are connected and the clues are in his notes

When we interviewed Jeremy Stansfield (the preacher who is now in Stansfield Institute), Shawn pointed it out at game that the preacher actually said he didn’t see the angelic vision in the materials you found at Amatore’s house. It got screwed up when we actually went to interview him. When we asked about the angelic appearance in the church he should have said:

There are those who claim to have seen an ‘angel’ in my church. Of course, nothing of the sort appeared. I was there. I saw nothing.Why would such a beautiful vision from our Lord be denied to me, his faithful servant? Why would I be forsaken?! Clearly, it never happened. Clearly they are all deluded!

At this point he would have been fairly upset.

Lacoste's Journal
The Hanged Man
  • The night starts with Agent X introducing us to Alexi Kalashnikov.
  • We then start following up leads.
  • Tyrone Jackson killed in 1996, survived by Bertha Jackson. Africa and Kevin are his kids. Kevin disappeared.
  • Lucien Francesci, Italian, killed in 1999.
  • Sarah Napa, survived by Renza Napa, Matilda (name Sarah’s Place comes up, Matty, owner and waitress), Demitrio (died in a plane crash 2003).
  • Brian Johnston, had head crushed on own porch in 1993 by 3 people with a pipe, witnesses claim it was black men with leather jackets. Wife is Beverly, kid is Shiv the gang member.
  • Children dying because of a curse? Victims don’t all have children that died.
  • We decide to go to Riker’s Island to look for Tyrone Jackson’s cell mate.
  • The warden doesn’t want to help us without a warrant, so Crowley tries to bride him successfully.
  • Samuel Davidson is led in. Enabran Tain starts to interrogate him.
  • Claims that Issac was selling drugs to kids, even got his daughter killed, that’s why he hanged him.
  • Samuel thinks he is a decent guy. Warden says he wasn’t a trouble maker.
  • We go to Manny the cabbie’s house (partner of Issac the cabbie, who was hanged by Tyrone). He isn’t home, so we break in. Very dark and dirty.
  • Last number dialled on his phone was the Stansfield Institute.
  • We toss the place, lots of receipts for Sarah’s Place and for car parts.
  • We call Manny (small white guy with glasses and greasy hair and a weird look in his eyes, hard to look at) to come pick us up. He is the same guy that drove David Lacoste earlier.
  • He seems suspicious about Tyrone’s death, we try to apprehend him, he runs, but David Lacoste tackles him.
  • We take him back to base and put him in the holding cell. He had a handgun and a knife on him.
  • Crowley hypnotizes him and starts to question him.
  • He asks about who he killed. He says: Tyrone, Lucian, Sarah, Brian, Kevin, Beverly.
  • “How did you kill these people.” “He told me to, the presence.”
  • Jeremy Stansfield is his priest.
  • The presence has been talking to him for years, it needs his body, his strength.
  • The description sounds like he has been possessed, and that he has a genuine desire to please the presence.
  • He said the preacher helped him for some murders, other people for others.
  • The presence chooses bad people.
  • The presence has a physical manifestation and was seen today, with him in his cab, but left on his way to the hospital.
  • The presence looks like the hanged man, mostly shadow, pure evil.
  • He claims he is a hunter.
  • We erase his memory and put him back in his cab in the city.
  • Almost immediately we see a quick vision of the hanged man, right outside the cab, which looks a lot like Issac.
  • We hear whispering of Manny’s name on the audio bug.
  • We follow him to the Stansfield Institute. He goes inside, we follow.
  • He is there visiting Jeremy Stansfield.
  • Jason goes in to check everything out.
  • He is confronted by workers and asks for help over the comm. David Lacoste and Crowley go to intervene.
  • On our way we recognize Dr. Merryweather and we take him to Stansfield’s room.
  • He is in his room, sitting quietly. He says that Manny was there for solace. We accuse him of conspiring and controlling Manny. He sends David Lacoste away with mental powers and Crowley attacks him. Alexi comes in to the room and attacks as well.
  • Eventually, Crowley has to kill Jeremy because he was controlling so many people.
  • We escape with Stansfield back to base.
  • We then go to retrieve Manny.
  • When there, Tain gets possessed by the Hanged Man and attacks Crowley.
  • We disable him with a shot to the knee, the spirit laughs and leaves in a plume of black smoke.
  • Tain then starts to have a flashback to Afghanistan, but doesn’t attack.
  • We load everyone up and get back to the base.
  • 22 xp and 2 weeks downtime awarded.
Lacoste's Journal
Tactical. Very tactical.
  • The night starts with Tennent receiving a call from Agent X word via his UFO contacts about a mother that killed her baby because she said it was an alien. The baby survived and is recovering in hospital.
  • Tain goes home and finds his apartment ransacked. All his valuables and some of his private items are gone.
  • The neighbours claim that he told them he was moving and they saw the movers moving the stuff. They say they saw him in the hall.
  • Tain calls the cops and they do their jobs.
  • Tennent finds out that the woman (Gweondolyn Farthington) lived in a neighbourhood called Forrest Hills and was taken to Harrington Memorial Hospital.
  • We go the hospital and investigate the baby and the woman. We are turned away because of no warrant, so we go back to base and Tennent starts forging warrants.
  • While doing that, the rest of us go asking around for clues. Crowley uses a hair from the crime scene to scry a face, and we ask around. His name is Vinnie the Snake.
  • We go ask Jimmy “The Snitch” about him. He knows him as a B&E man, good locksmith. Hangs around this neighbour. Jimmy will look into it.
  • While that is happening we go to the hospital with the warrants.
  • First we go see the mother, the security officer scrutinizes us, takes our weapons, and leads us in.
  • She describes a typical “grey” alien. She claims that the baby didn’t feel like hers. She just had to get rid of him.
  • She says she was taken more than once, always from home when her husband was away on business.
  • Malkin starts to read her mind about the events. He sees a standard grey abduction and then feels resistance, like the greys put a block there.
  • We go to see the baby. We are introduced to Dr. Gregory Smith. He takes “Dr. Tennent” and his nurse Malkin to the intensive care unit.
  • They talk to the father, he says he doesn’t know why this all happened. He says they were having troubles, and went to the Family First fertility clinic.
  • Tennent starts to examine the baby, seems normal. Malkin then reads its mind. Doesn’t get much.
  • We thank the father, he gives us a card, his name is Todd Farthington.
  • We go back to talk to Jimmy. Vinnie has a warehouse on the docks that he works out of and has mafia ties.
  • We go to check out the place. There are people around the warehouse that look out of place, as well as other people working. Malkin senses that they are working for the Vincenci Family. He also senses that there is illegal merchandize inside. He also knows Vinnie and he is here right now and that there are 10 people in total.
  • We enter the warehouse to get Vinnie out to interrogate him. Instead, we get Malkin on the roof to search his mind. He was paid by a man named Samuel Jackson to break into Tain’s place. It was the first time he ever met or worked for him. Sam found him here. Sam went with him to Tain’s apartment, along with two other guys. He didn’t say why he wanted it done, said he had a score to settle. He said they could take what wanted, and he would make it easier for them to get in. Deeper probing gets an image of Tain, he looked like him the whole time. He didn’t say that there was any further work.
  • On the way out, Tain slams the skylight by accident. We escape.
  • Meanwhile Tennent is researching Family First. He got the patient records.
  • We then break in and start gathering files and evidence.
  • There are a couple specially sealed rooms. One of them is a records department. One is a cryogenics facility.
  • A small percentage of viles are marked with a secondary number, starting with DT.
  • Malkin hears people being stealthy coming in the front door. The are all wearing black jumpsuits and nightvision with submachine guns. The lead stops the group, and points in Malkin’s position. We enter combat. We strategically exit the building.
  • Around front we kidnap their wheelman.
Lacoste's Journal
Outsmarted at every turn
  • We head back to base with our hostage.
  • We appoint Captain Enabran Tain as head jailer at base.
  • Richard Malkin goes in to interrogate the prisoner with his mental powers.
  • One of the major thoughts he has is “Remember your training”, which implies he might be some sort of soldier.
  • This guy was wearing a suit, as opposed to tactical gear.
  • Captain Enabran Tain goes in with the Doctor and pumps him full of drugs and starts questioning him. He claims that he works for the FBI.
  • We get a phone number for his agent in charge, he doesn’t know anything about Black Book, and he was there investigating the Doctor there, about chemical weapons.
  • Captain Enabran Tain calls Dr. Jason Tennant to bring down his mind-wipe device to use against the guy.
  • David Lacoste runs the guys prints and confirms that it is who he is.
  • Sebastian Crowley, Phd contacts an ally in the FBI to try and get some info about him.
  • Captain Enabran Tain puts a couple tracking bugs on him and Dr. Jason Tennant wipes his mind. They then dump him in the city.
  • Captain Enabran Tain stays within tracking range hoping to find out some info.
  • Captain Enabran Tain tracks the guy to a phone booth. He makes two calls, and then shortly after a cab shows up.
  • The cab lets him out at a quiet area near a restaurant. Later, a van picks him up and heads towards an office building. Captain Enabran Tain waits for a few hours and then goes back to base.
  • There are many government offices in there, including an FBI office, as well as many businesses related to the government.
  • Sebastian Crowley, Phd and Dr. Jason Tennant go to NYU and bride a grad student to use a lab. The ones labelled “DT” seems to have genetic abnormalities. They are all too similar to be a natural occurrence.
  • After getting back to base, Dr. Jason Tennant investigates the doctor at the clinic.
  • He finds out that the clinic is owned by a couple of businessmen and the head doctor is Dr. Noah Duggan. We also get an address.
  • Sebastian Crowley, Phd’s contact gets back to him, and says there is nothing out of the ordinary with him, and he is an agent out of Chicago.
  • David Lacoste finds out that there was a fire reported at the clinic and that it was burned to the ground. Witnesses say that there was people outside and that they were driving a couple black vans.
  • We go to Dr. Duggan’s address and break in after no one answers the door. There is an electronic alarm that goes off when Captain Enabran Tain and Sebastian Crowley, Phd enter.
  • Everything looks like someone got out of there fast. The last number on the phone is for a cab.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant hacks into the airline’s records to find out what plane Dr. Duggan is on and if he made it on. There is no record of him.
  • There were several flights that left at an appropriate time: Miami, Detroit, Chicago, and some international flights.
  • We go to the airport to look for him. David Lacoste shows his credentials to security and goes into the video room with Robert Reynolds. We see the doctor show up at the airport and then gets into another car quickly and voluntarily and drives away.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant hacks the traffic cams and picks up the car and gets a license plate, which is registered to the FBI.
  • We go to the FBI building and Robert Reynolds goes up to the FBI floor. There are several offices on this floor. The FBI offices has an electronic key card lock.
  • Later that night, we go to a helicopter rental place and steal a helicopter.
  • After breaking in, we get in a helicopter, which Dr. Jason Tennant hot wires.
  • After we take off spotlights start shining on us and there is radio traffic about the situation.
  • At the building, we start to rappel down. Dr. Jason Tennant falls, but David Lacoste catches him.
  • Meanwhile in the helicopter, it starts experiencing electrical troubles and starts to go down.
  • Captain Enabran Tain parachutes out and lands in a dumpster. The helicopter slams into a building.
  • The rest of the group gets into the office building. There are no lights on and very little furniture, and no apparent alarm system. There is a file cabinet but it is empty.
  • We follow the tracking bug signal out into the main office. There are a few desks around. There is a lack of computers, phones, etc. The tracking bug is coming from the washroom.
  • There are clothes in the last stall with all the tracking bugs.
  • The clothes are attached to a bomb.
  • Sebastian Crowley, Phd searches the clothes and doesn’t find any clues.
  • We leave the building and wait for Captain Enabran Tain to retrieve the van and pick us up.
  • After the pick up, we go back to base.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant looks through the hard drive we have and find medical documents about the vials, which match up to patients. He also finds reference to something called “Dog Tag”.
  • Sebastian Crowley, Phd goes back to the doctors home and takes a personal item to scry him with. We find out that he isn’t in New York, Chicago, and that he is working with the FBI people willingly.
  • Half the group goes to talk to the owners of the clinics. They ask about the Family First clinic posing as investors. They claim they have been unable to reach Dr. Duggan.
  • The other half goes to visit the families from the medical clinic. The first family is the Laskey’s. They haven’t seen him in 16 months, since Adrian was born.
  • The other families are all the same sort of situation.
  • Later on, Lt. Smith calls up David Lacoste and says that Mrs. Farthington went missing.
  • There is footage of men taking her out of her room. She didn’t seem to resist.
  • We go to the hospital to check things out.
  • The lock was picked. The footage shows four men, wearing the same sort of jumpsuits as before. They drag her out, she seems to be pretty out of it.
  • Just before they arrive the nurses station and the guard station clear out; another patient started a riot. He hasn’t been known to cause this big a commotion before.
  • The baby is still there, as well as the father. He claims members of the FBI came to talk to him, there were three of them.
  • He says he will get in touch with us if any other “FBI” get in touch with him.
  • Richard Malkin scans the rioter who says that the voice in his head told him to start it.
  • Sebastian Crowley, Phd scrys the woman, she is with the doctor, not in a good state of mind.
  • Captain Enabran Tain finds out that there have been UFO sightings in the Forest Hills area.
  • Sebastian Crowley, Phd talks to a contact that knows about UFOs. There have been reports of lights and black helicopters.
Lacoste's Journal
Abductions for all!
  • David Lacoste is awarded 4xp.
  • It is the next day. We get a call from Sebastian Crowley, Phd who is out of town on business. He got a call from his contact saying that we should watch the local news because sightings have increased.
  • The news is reporting a biological breakout in the Forrest Hills area, and the cdc and national guard are setting up a quarantine. There is reports of flu like symptoms in the victims.
  • We head down to the area to investigate.
  • Before we leave, Captain Enabran Tain gets some satellite photos of the area. The people look to be wearing hazmat suits.
  • At the first checkpoint we are stopped by the guard who will not let us past.
  • We get a call from one of the other patients who is having horrible nightmares about “small men” and she feels that the men in the quarantine zone are not there to help. She claims they cut the phone and cable lines.
  • We get CDC IDs from Aegis and go to the hospital to suit up.
  • Inside the quarantine zone we go to see the woman.
  • She recounts more stories of classic grey abductions.
  • David Lacoste starts to feel a strange buzzing in his head. At the same time the patrols start to get closer.
  • We go to an already searched house and take her with us. We stash her there with a communicator.
  • We then go to the hospital to check this out. There are buses arriving and there are people being put though the cleaning process.
  • Alexei Kalashnikov discovers men in suits under their hazmat suits who look very suspicious. He sees someone hypnotizing one of the patients.
  • Captain Enabran Tain puts a bug on someone about to be brought to an examination room. He is hypnotized and asked about the night of the 14th. He talks about abductions, which the man interviewing reinforces.
  • Alexei Kalashnikov and Richard Malkin go back to the woman to further probe her mind as Richard Malkin now knows that they are implanted memories.
  • Probing reveals that the aliens were actually doctors in masks.
  • A car starts to approach the house. Alexei Kalashnikov senses it, and the kid seems to as well.
  • He gives them the ol’ kung fu, takes the car keys, and escapes with Richard Malkin, the woman, and her kid.
  • We then leave the quarantine zone.
  • Back at base we get the Doctor to check them out, they seem fine.
  • Alexei Kalashnikov starts to feel a buzzing sensation just like David Lacoste. The kid says that they are coming.
  • We get out of base and go to the local Project Rasputin base.
  • Alexei Kalashnikov sees a silvery object out of the rear view mirror, suddenly the van dies and we all freeze in place. The back of the van opens up, we see bright light coming in, the kid and the mother are lifted up and taken toward the light. After they disappear we hear a whooshing sound, the van starts back up, and we come to. The kid’s teddy is still in the van.
  • We got a similar buzzing sensation when the ufo showed up.
  • Alexei Kalashnikov tries to get Satellite Alexis to find the kid if he is still in the area of the hospital.
  • While waiting for the satellite we call up people with kids from that clinic that is out of the local area. One woman we talk to says he kid just went missing.
  • Alexei Kalashnikov gets his info back, they can’t find the kid, there is more psychics in the area, and they have the impression that something not human is watching the whole area.
  • Later in the day, the quarantine is being lifted, and certain people are being removed for further study.
  • 20 xp awarded.
  • 2 weeks downtime awarded.

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