The Truth is a Lie

Special Agent Marrek's Aegis Report (December 5, 2014)
Where in the world is Irene Star?

December 5, 2014

Continued to explore Cyble Systems Compound

Attack went wrong – Mike hurt

Protocol 13

Intel File on captured Cyble guard (2 days)
-record from orphanage – owned by Rymning diversified

research facility
closed down

3 nights ago – irene star
where? at the base
purpose of the base – researching –
how many guards 20
levels 2
how is irene stear on base – 1 time

Went back to complex – no one was there

Found Tennant in the complex – needle marks all poked through him

Found old computer and files
-very old
-research into genitic testing program
-involved dolphin and unknown DNA

Looks like Tennant was the dream Mike was seeing
-he remembers them questioning us
-remembers Irene Starr
-The Blues – they are after the blue greys
- Man – short guy – sun glasses – hat – wide brim – watching everything
-Agents called each other Agent Black, Smith

Arrest Warrent put out for Irene Starr (FBI)

Ryming Diversified -

Special Agent Marrek's Aegis Report (November 6, 2014)
The Florida Report


Nov 7 2014

Downtime – Bought helicopters and supplies

Alexi (Mike) has a dream:

Blue Grey under attack in their cave. They went ot hide.

Attacked by strike team – with short wearing dark clothing, pale skin, broad brimmed hat, black eyes

Headed out in the helicopters (Attack and Passanger)

Headed to florida

Went to wearhouse, found the blue grey

Resuced them and got them back to our base

ALEXI KLINISHKOF (Mike) gets another vision – pain, bound to a chair, human tied down, other people in room, they are the ones hurting him

As he flashes back, after image – outline of farmiliar face – Boris

Went back to caves – in passanger helicopter
Sign on fence – Cybel Systems

Photos of boot prints

Inside cave: Clean up done –
Bullet holes – retreived bullet from rock

As Alexi is in wading pool checking it out, he gets another flash
flesh on fire
suited men- standing around Alexi
One has a device -

Small Pin on ground – symbol – Sybal systems

Intel File – Col. McArthur, retired, lives in florida
4 days
Rolled 22
Will get any info

Get back ground check, military history
Mention of Project Nautilus
On up & up

The General went to find info on Project Nautilus
- no data from search

Put bullet and foot prints
Bullets – Mix of 9mm and 5.5 mm assault rifles (common)
Boots – US Military

Headed to visit Col. McArthur

Project Nautilus: Classified projects, sub-contracted out to Sybl systems, researching marine vessles, posssiblities of hiding marine craft, electro magatism, convert stealth to water craft

Project shut down in 90s

Headed to Syble Compound:
Single story building
tire tracks
There is operating camera

C4 the door

Searched building

Found files
Project Nautilus
experiments involving psy powers
refers to subjects testing and noting psy powers

Grabbed relevent files

Grabbed a guard
Guard “Smith”
1 sub level
who is in command of facility?

Alexi turns to general and fires, under control of psy

I shoot the guard in the head

Attacked by a group of guards in control room

Special Agent Marrek's Aegis Report (July 4, 2014)
Independence Day American Freedom Report


July 4, 2014 -—————————————-

Woke up in cave
Grey – with web from Grey – Stormy, swirling water, large ocean image sent to me from grey

The General is missing (thank god)

in caves – large pool – more aliens
metal pieces

image – being in water – 1st person perspective
underwater for a long time
surgasling – sauser streaking towards us
dove in swam towards it
us pulled out, image of us being saved

as we reach the beach another craft swoops in, blasts
the general and the creatures carring it get blasted / vapourized

large robotic bear carries the general off in another craft

Bobby (Andrew) scouted around – found road, fence

Booth (Tim) asked them how / when they got here – image of a lab – greys in lab, scientific experiments – growing tubes – growing more of the greys with gills – humans there as well / helping them
some sort of up rising – violence – these other creatures (ones with gills) drive the Greys out, and come to a cave

Scouting –
At fence – found Syble Systems sign (symbol)

found life guard hut
flair gun (6 shots)
first aid kit

Piolet style sun glasses (Marrek has them)
Calendar on wall 1984 is the date

During the night:
Bobby heard a noise outside the window
foot steps approaching

Humans – night vision goggles and helmets
all black – body armour
carrying sub-machine guns

They KILLED Agent Marrek
Dropped Booth and Bobby

Alexi surrendered

The took Tennant

ALL regain consciences – we are all HURT badly

plant material binds us – few fish ailens helped bring us back to life

Booth – Went to find a phone – limped along to contact Agies

Found phone – contacted our base for help / Booth left a voice mail for Agent X about setting up a meeting

Friendship with the aliens – they could help us if needed

Ally – Blue Greys

Request sent in for new Hermes links
Reports filed on mission

Intel File – 3rd Level (13) 8 Days
On location of cave area of Syble Systems
Information available through legal means and classified
- base, flordia keys
- recorded as abandonded for past 10 years
- used to do military projects – naval crafts here
- Who deemed it abandonded? names, etc Sybal person in charge – Irene Starr
- Name of military liason – Col. McArther
- Base established in mid-80’s
- Project Nautilus

Barcoded test tubes from spaceship

Next Steps:
- Prep for sneeking into Syble Systems HQ
- Prep for moving Blue Greys to our base (Sub-basement 5)
- Need GPS tracker

- 4 weeks downtime (not used)

Special Agent Marrek's Aegis Report (June 6, 2014)
Alien Abduction Report


June 6, 2014 -————————————————————-

Strapped down on alien ship
Tennant being probed
We are all naked

Tennant – head cut open – head flap

Attacked by probe

Escaped, found other survivors

wandered ship, found operating room
human looking aliens operating on women

Kiled them, all buy one

Took barcoded test tubes

in centre of ship – group of greys

Attacked, a few went down

ship crashed into water

GREY dragged us up on the beach, webbed hands, grey is not one from the ship

Special Agent Marrek's Aegis Report (May 16, 2014)
Syble Systems Report

rene Star – Intel File
Previously – right out of university (harvard business)
Not adopted
Associates -President of Syble Systems
Left company after we attacked compound
Swiss Bank account – bonds found in sybil from previous mission

Baltamore – Sybil Systems

Scanned with Alexi’s satalight

Attacked base, found 6 men, laptops,
they worked for the secret gov
they reported to, man “Lobe” was his name (plus list)

They threatened us, told us we are dealing with things we don’t understand

The group researched: (from computer)
Research into Sybil

Chemistry stuff on site – Tennent is on it

Security guy – body guard for PR guy (Keith)
ex military
hired through private firm
name, etc

Went to Sible Systems PR person’s apartment
smooth talked my way in

Found laptop and secured lock box
Need to “Stop Investigation” (Stopped – rolled 5th level)

Laptop: Files → Detailed records from the orphan farms, adoption records
Lock Box: Details on ownership of several orphaniarums (less than hunrderds, but dozens), deeds, business papers

“Lionheart” orphaniarum did have a secret room

Served a fake warrent to a orphan farm
Used False identiy (Police)

Searched the facility for a secret enterance, Tennent found the hidden room

4 People in room
meeting being held

Door bursts open, The General is thrown back
The General counters a martial arts maneuver, snaps the neck of the person
I shot and killed one
Dan shot the 3rd one
Last women I shot in the leg.

We binded her wounds
Cuffed her hands and took her for questioning

Tennant used the stun device, cleared her memory for the battle

Power goes out, bright light, Metalic object in sky, we are all unable to move
two grey’s meterialize
We pass out

GM Update - 2014-03-07
The Body

In Attendance:

  • A month has past since the Cell last met. They have been busy establishing a new base of operations hidden underground beneath an abandoned store front.
  • They receive an alert indicating a park ranger reported a UFO had been spotted crashing in the area of West Kill Mountain.
  • The team assembled and flew to the location of the crash.
  • Arriving at the site of the crash the Cell discovered that there was no suitable place to land.
  • There was a trench scored into the ground and damage to the surrounding treetops.
  • General Ajax, Adam Booth, Alexei Kalashnikov, Special Agent Merrek and Robert Reynolds rappelled to the ground to secure the site. Alexei fell, but managed to save himself using Telekinesis.
  • At the end of the trench the cell found a saucer shaped craft made of a dull metal and measuring 15 feet across. The craft was partially entrenched into the ground. There was no visible damage.
  • The cell unsuccessfully searched for openings and were unable to open the craft.
  • While investigating they heard someone approaching. This turned out to be Ed Swanson, the park ranger who reported the crash. He was investigating the crash assuming it was a small plane.
  • The cell captured Swanson and discussed options for “silencing” him. After probing him to see what he knew (he hadn’t seen anything), the cell convinced him that the crash was a military operation gone wrong.
  • Booth marched the ranger back down to his main base station and requisitioned an ATV to take him back. Reynolds began trying to dig the craft out.
  • General Ajax used his Blue Fly contacts to requisition a cargo helicopter to move the craft. The General and his co-pilot Terrance McGovern then headed back to the cell HQ to pick up members of the cell support team. The team consisted of:
  • After swapping helicopters at a nearby air force base, the strike team headed back to the crash site.
  • The strike team returned to the crash sight and Brambo, Jones and O’Brien rappelled to the ground. Niles remained on the helicopter with the General and McGovern.
  • The ground team heard an unknown group approaching from the woods. The main cell members and Brambo went to confront the people approaching and lead them away from the crash site. They were attacked by a group of heavily equipped assailants who emerged from the woods.
  • As the General was covering the ground team from the air, he heard the approach of a stealth helicopter. As it got closer they exchanged fire and the cargo chopper was severely damaged. Niles and McGovern jumped out with parachutes. On his way down the General steered the team’s helicopter into the blades of the attacking helicopter causing it to go into a tailspin.
  • Niles landed hard as McGovern got stuck in a tree. The General walked away moslty unharmed.
  • Alexi used his mental powers to conjour an image of an attacking force in the minds of the assailants. The team then took cover while Brambo covered them.
  • As the attacking helicopter was on it’s way down it was blasted from the sky by a bolt of blue energy and a small fast moving craft flew past.
  • The assailants broke and ran for cover.
  • The cell was pinned down by a fast moving, drone sized craft which was firing quil like neddles down at them.
  • The General called in for help from Blue Fly and 2 stealth fighters were dispatched to cover their exit.
  • The team blew the UFO open and found a small compartment contain a naked Asian man. The team briefly investigated the craft and found it to be made from a coral like substance they had encountered before covered in metal. Their were no descernable pieces of technology. They grabbed samples and ran.
  • When they reached the Ranger’s station they requisitioned a truck and drove back to their helicopter.
  • Upon arriving at their base they found the security system off. The Grey corpse they had capture as well as Garrett Campbell were missing. At that time Dr Fai Fi Fo Fung, PhD and Paradox returned.
  • Paradox and Fung reported that Brambo had told them to go and do some research on Campbell as ordered by the General. Security footage then showed Brambo shutting down the security system before leaving with the General.
  • Brambo did not recall this and this was confirmed by a mind probe from Booth.
  • The three were locked up and the cell rested.
GM Update

In Attendance:

  • Our story picks immediately following the events of the previous game.
  • The cell takes Garrett Campbell back to their temporary safe house and begin their interrogation.
  • They find out that he rarely deals with Athena himself. He leaves that to Ian Goodrich who acts as liaison.
  • Campbell had received body enhancement technology from Athena in exchange for cooperation on several initiatives.
  • Goodrich and Campbell’s relationship has broken down over the past several months as he believes that Ian has his own agenda.
  • The broadcast of the grey autopsy was partly Campbell fulfilling his obligations and partly a sense of curiosity and drive to break a new story.
  • The cell broke into Cambell’s apartment to see what else they could find.
  • Hacking into his computer they see more evidence of the infighting between Campbell and Goodrich.
  • While there Goodrich showed up to check on Campbell and is captured by the cell.
  • The Cell and Goodrich struck a deal, his life for the receiver to locate the transponder Goodrich had placed in the Grey body.
  • The Cell tracked the transponder to the Twin Hills Radar Station where they had formally faced off against the NDD.
  • When the Cell arrived at Twin hills they found the remains of a major conflict. There were bodies strew about, rended to pieces and large holes made in the structure.
  • Making their way inside the Cell discovered the base empty except for bodies. The conflict appeared to have happened a few weeks past, shortly after the conflict at the Cell Headquarters.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant was able to hack into the security system and retrieve footage of the incident.
  • Reviewing the footage revealed that the radar station was attacked by some sort of large humanoid.
  • The attacker battled the NDD and seemed to take little damage. Once the NDD were dealt with, it went after the grey. The footage showed the grey disappear and then end up halfway through a wall. At this point the attacker left.
  • The Cell managed to free the body taking part of a wall with them. They also found a small box contains some odd grenades. 5 of 6 were remaining.
  • The Cell then proceeded back to their temporary hideout and began construction of a new Underground HQ as they no longer felt their estate was secure.
GM Update

In Attendance:

  • Our story picks immediately following the events of the previous game.
  • General Ajax pulls up in his jeep with Adam Booth in tow.
  • The Cell proceeds to enter the Axelrod Building through the hole they created.
  • They subdue the security guard at the main desk and execute another in the break room.
  • Taking the guard’s access card and getting his security codes they devise a plan to have Tennant, Reynolds and Booth ride up in the elevator and Ajax and Merrek go up the stairs. They timed this to arrive on Level 30 at the same time.
  • Merreck and Ajax were able to lure a guard into the stairway lobby and use a grenade to eliminate him. They then used a grenade to breach the door.
  • A dramatic firefight ensued with the guards on this level. Some highlights include a guard being incinerated by Booth’s Pyrokinesis, the use of several grenades to take out the more stubborn guards, the use of C4 to blow holes in walls and the surrender of 4 guards and their detention in the bathrooms.
  • The level was searched, but nothing was found. Tennant used the computers in the security monitoring room to erase the cell’s presence.
  • The cell then proceeded to Level 32 where they subdued the remaining guards after a brief fight.
  • The cell found out from the guards that Garrett Campbell was in the building.
  • Reynolds then used C4 to open the doors to the secret elevator.
  • The shaft appeared dark, the assumption being the elevator was lower down. A grenade was dropped down for good measure.
  • Everyone in the cell except for Reynolds proceeded to the basement via the stairs. Reynolds decided he would climb down the elevator cable. A few stories form the bottom the cable let go (damaged by the C4) and he dropped to the top of the elevator breaking his ankle.
  • The cell searched the basement and finally found a large bundle of cables leading back towards the elevator to a space that should not exist according to their floor plans.
  • They again used C4 to blow open the back of the elevator and discovered Campbell’s secret monitoring room.
  • Campbell was captured and transported back to their temporary base.


GM Update

In Attendance:

  • Our story picks immediately following the events of the previous game.
  • When our heroes try and return to their estate after doing some preliminary investigation of Industrial Dynamics they find the area closed off. The FBI/DOD is investigating the battle that took place in their neighbourhood.
  • Agent Reynolds arranged for access to an old CIA cache which the group used as a temporary safe house.
  • Agent Merrek contacted a friend in the DOD to try and put a stop to the investigation into their activities.
  • The cell then took some of their surveillance gear over to Garrett Campbell’s condo and broke in. Agent Kalashnikov attempted unsuccessfully to place bugs.
  • Agent Reynolds hacked into Campbell’s email account and set it to forward to an account he has access to.
  • Reading through emails showed that Campbell and Ian Goodrich were at odds on various subjects and their working relationship was becoming more and more strained.
  • The cell then set up shop in an adjacent building to observe Cambell for a week. This observation reinforced the strain between Campbell and Goodrich.
  • The cell then decided to tail Goodrich for a week.
  • During their observations they did not garner anything useful so they decided to hypnotize Goodrich while he was out on a smoke break.
  • Dr. Tennant used the LB-427 device to put Goodrich into a trance and then Agent Merrek began to hypnotize him.
  • Goodrich revealed that Campbell through him was given the alien corpse from Athena.
  • Campbell has never had direct contact with Athena.
  • When pressed for info about Athena, Goodrich revealed that he thinks very highly of her and believes her to be the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on. She supplies him and his men with technology in exchange for their loyalty.
  • While speaking with Goodrich, his phone rings. When he is told to answer he passed the phone to Merreck and said the phone was for him.
  • On the other end was Athena and she arrange to meet the characters at a local spiritual book store.
  • When they met her the characters found out that she was tracking the tube containing the Grey. She was ready to move on them when the corpse was stolen. She seemed to know a lot about the charactersa.
  • The purpose for revealing the corpse was to try and get more information about the Black Book and their dealings with the Greys.
  • Athena offered to work with the characters. They revealed their plan to break back in to GCTV and see what else they could find out.
  • She provided them a device to help them break back in and a phone which she could contact them on.
  • The characters then went back to GCTV and tried to break in through a back door, however they were spotted by security on the cameras.
  • Alexei was able to hide them from view until Reynolds took a shot.
  • The characters ended up slaughtering the 2 guards.
  • With alarms blaring Tennant used the device provided by Athena on the wall. The device ate a hole in the wall providing them access to the building.


The Story So Far...

The story so far…

Agent Tennant receives a report through his parapsychology contacts of a downed UFO near a small town in upstate New York. Upon investigation they discover that an old coot named Herbert Lawry was in town a few days previously and reported seeing the flying saucer fly over his farm and crash near Hag’s Lip. Convincing Lawry that they are members of the CDC they are able to obtain a sample he had taken from the crash site and convinced him to show them the way. As they approach, a large saucer rose from behind a hill with a smaller partially destroyed ship hovering slightly below and behind it. On it’s way overhead it paused and Richard Malkin, the resident psychic, felt as if he were being watched and a warm tingling sensation spread over his body. The craft then streaked off overhead. Investigating the crash site they discovered traces of metal, some form of coral and samples of non-human DNA, all of which they obtained samples of. Before they were able to secure the site they heard the approach of a military helicopter. Beating a hasty retreat in their own helicopter they made their way back to Lawry’s farm. After some “clean up” they headed back to base. Lawry was later found burned to death in his home.


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