The Truth is a Lie

GM Update

In Attendance:

  • Our story picks immediately following the events of the previous game.
  • General Ajax pulls up in his jeep with Adam Booth in tow.
  • The Cell proceeds to enter the Axelrod Building through the hole they created.
  • They subdue the security guard at the main desk and execute another in the break room.
  • Taking the guard’s access card and getting his security codes they devise a plan to have Tennant, Reynolds and Booth ride up in the elevator and Ajax and Merrek go up the stairs. They timed this to arrive on Level 30 at the same time.
  • Merreck and Ajax were able to lure a guard into the stairway lobby and use a grenade to eliminate him. They then used a grenade to breach the door.
  • A dramatic firefight ensued with the guards on this level. Some highlights include a guard being incinerated by Booth’s Pyrokinesis, the use of several grenades to take out the more stubborn guards, the use of C4 to blow holes in walls and the surrender of 4 guards and their detention in the bathrooms.
  • The level was searched, but nothing was found. Tennant used the computers in the security monitoring room to erase the cell’s presence.
  • The cell then proceeded to Level 32 where they subdued the remaining guards after a brief fight.
  • The cell found out from the guards that Garrett Campbell was in the building.
  • Reynolds then used C4 to open the doors to the secret elevator.
  • The shaft appeared dark, the assumption being the elevator was lower down. A grenade was dropped down for good measure.
  • Everyone in the cell except for Reynolds proceeded to the basement via the stairs. Reynolds decided he would climb down the elevator cable. A few stories form the bottom the cable let go (damaged by the C4) and he dropped to the top of the elevator breaking his ankle.
  • The cell searched the basement and finally found a large bundle of cables leading back towards the elevator to a space that should not exist according to their floor plans.
  • They again used C4 to blow open the back of the elevator and discovered Campbell’s secret monitoring room.
  • Campbell was captured and transported back to their temporary base.


GM Update

In Attendance:

  • Our story picks immediately following the events of the previous game.
  • When our heroes try and return to their estate after doing some preliminary investigation of Industrial Dynamics they find the area closed off. The FBI/DOD is investigating the battle that took place in their neighbourhood.
  • Agent Reynolds arranged for access to an old CIA cache which the group used as a temporary safe house.
  • Agent Merrek contacted a friend in the DOD to try and put a stop to the investigation into their activities.
  • The cell then took some of their surveillance gear over to Garrett Campbell’s condo and broke in. Agent Kalashnikov attempted unsuccessfully to place bugs.
  • Agent Reynolds hacked into Campbell’s email account and set it to forward to an account he has access to.
  • Reading through emails showed that Campbell and Ian Goodrich were at odds on various subjects and their working relationship was becoming more and more strained.
  • The cell then set up shop in an adjacent building to observe Cambell for a week. This observation reinforced the strain between Campbell and Goodrich.
  • The cell then decided to tail Goodrich for a week.
  • During their observations they did not garner anything useful so they decided to hypnotize Goodrich while he was out on a smoke break.
  • Dr. Tennant used the LB-427 device to put Goodrich into a trance and then Agent Merrek began to hypnotize him.
  • Goodrich revealed that Campbell through him was given the alien corpse from Athena.
  • Campbell has never had direct contact with Athena.
  • When pressed for info about Athena, Goodrich revealed that he thinks very highly of her and believes her to be the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on. She supplies him and his men with technology in exchange for their loyalty.
  • While speaking with Goodrich, his phone rings. When he is told to answer he passed the phone to Merreck and said the phone was for him.
  • On the other end was Athena and she arrange to meet the characters at a local spiritual book store.
  • When they met her the characters found out that she was tracking the tube containing the Grey. She was ready to move on them when the corpse was stolen. She seemed to know a lot about the charactersa.
  • The purpose for revealing the corpse was to try and get more information about the Black Book and their dealings with the Greys.
  • Athena offered to work with the characters. They revealed their plan to break back in to GCTV and see what else they could find out.
  • She provided them a device to help them break back in and a phone which she could contact them on.
  • The characters then went back to GCTV and tried to break in through a back door, however they were spotted by security on the cameras.
  • Alexei was able to hide them from view until Reynolds took a shot.
  • The characters ended up slaughtering the 2 guards.
  • With alarms blaring Tennant used the device provided by Athena on the wall. The device ate a hole in the wall providing them access to the building.


The Story So Far...

The story so far…

Agent Tennant receives a report through his parapsychology contacts of a downed UFO near a small town in upstate New York. Upon investigation they discover that an old coot named Herbert Lawry was in town a few days previously and reported seeing the flying saucer fly over his farm and crash near Hag’s Lip. Convincing Lawry that they are members of the CDC they are able to obtain a sample he had taken from the crash site and convinced him to show them the way. As they approach, a large saucer rose from behind a hill with a smaller partially destroyed ship hovering slightly below and behind it. On it’s way overhead it paused and Richard Malkin, the resident psychic, felt as if he were being watched and a warm tingling sensation spread over his body. The craft then streaked off overhead. Investigating the crash site they discovered traces of metal, some form of coral and samples of non-human DNA, all of which they obtained samples of. Before they were able to secure the site they heard the approach of a military helicopter. Beating a hasty retreat in their own helicopter they made their way back to Lawry’s farm. After some “clean up” they headed back to base. Lawry was later found burned to death in his home.

The Alvarez Files
The Admiral goes down with the ship
  • Mr. McBane is the orphanage director.
  • Rear Admiral Tain interrogates McBane, who says that the psychic kids come from MKOMEGA, specifically Dr. Gatsby. We get contact info.
  • Battista “The Saint” Carlotta calls Gatsby, and sets up a meet.
  • Gatsby says that the children are engineered. The goal was to create the perfect human, though he claims they didn’t engineer psychic powers into them.
  • He seems to want to defect and give us info if we can get him safely to Europe.
  • MKOMEGA was trying to create supersoldiers and was fully funded by the CIA.
  • They created two generations so that they could watch their development before they took the project further.
  • Sibyl Systems revived the project after it had become defunct.
  • They are a military contractor, and the president is Irene Star.
  • Richard Malkin has a dream that he is peeling the skin from Rear Admiral Tain’s bones.
  • We go to the Doctor’s lab in Virginia, a facility on a huge plot of land marked the Department of Agriculture.
  • End of notes due to battery failure.
Baltimore Gazette
Explosion Rocks Baltimore Neighborhood

Concord township house explosion 008 large

Baltimore, MD – An explosion leveled a home on Morley Road about 1:05 a.m. Sunday, shaking nearby homes for miles and sending neighbors into the streets. The home was a rental property that neighbors say had just recently become occupied. Four unidentified bodies were found on the scene.

The Alvarez Files
Dreams within dreams
  • The night starts with Richard Malkin phoning home to GRAYBEARD.
  • We decide to look into Paul Hollinger.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant finds out more about Hollinger. He is a very well-known and stalwart sceptic.
  • Battista “The Saint” Carlotta gets in touch with some crime contacts to try and find him.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant then searches out his credit cards so we can track him.
  • Captain Enabran Tain searches around the various hotels and locates Hollinger.
  • We go to the hotel and he seems to be out.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant gets his credit card number and sees the hold which the hotel has for his room. They also see that he rented a car from the airport.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant then reprograms a hotel key card to open Hollinger’s room.
  • Captain Enabran Tain and Richard Malkin goes into his room and house keeping has been there, though it does look like someone got out quickly.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant then disguises himself as a security technician and goes in to tap into the security system.
  • That night, Richard Malkin and Captain Enabran Tain spend the night in the hotel room and take turns waiting for Hollinger to return.
  • While sleeping, Richard Malkin starts to have an out of body experience and floats above his body. He floats right out of the hotel room.
  • He goes to the restricted top floor labs, and sees soldiers in deprivation tanks and hooked up to wires. The research going on is to make soldiers not need to sleep, but it seems to not be working.
  • Captain Enabran Tain has a hunch that the girl is actually dead, not faking.
  • He travels around to other places looking for clues. He then goes back to his body, but can’t get in because someone is already in there.
    *Richard Malkin sees his body walk out of the room, get a drink, and then go back to the room.
  • The night passes and we wake up. Battista “The Saint” Carlotta calls up Hollinger’s organization to try to get in touch. He gets an email address.
  • Richard Malkin tries to use telepathy to contact Captain Enabran Tain, but can’t. He does see red-eyed malevolent beings coming towards him. They pull him down.
  • Richard Malkin then wakes up screaming uncontrollably, everything before being a dream. Captain Enabran Tain chloroforms him to knock him back out.
  • Captain Enabran Tain calls the rest of the group and they pick them up.
  • We then take him back to the institute.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant then gets permission to look at old records to try and get to the bottom to this.
  • The next day the Doctor reports that Richard Malkin is off sedation and is in a coma.
  • We do a fly by to scope out the institute. Marines come out and fire at us.
  • The next day Richard Malkin wakes up and tells us about the dream. He feels the adoption agency is the best lead.
  • GRAYBEARD gets in touch with Richard Malkin and says there was an unknown chemical in the girl.
  • We go to break into the adoption agency. The filing cabinets have complete listings of all the children, including Alyssa.
  • All of the children originated from the Lionheart Orphanage, which was founded in 1993 in Richmond, VA, moved to Baltimore in 2000. Fully owned by the Lionheart group, places all children through the right choice adoption agency.
The Alvarez Files
Are we awake, or are we dreaming?
  • Robert Reynolds starts the night by looking for an old CIA equipment cache in an abandoned store in Baltimore. There is a stash of old surveillance gear, including small A/V bugs. Not a lot else, as it has been picked over.
  • Captain Enabran Tain tries to insert a bug under Richard Malkin’s skin, but only manages to cut ’im up. Alejandro (AJ) Alvarez goes to get some more decent supplies and succeeds in implanting the bug.
  • Richard Malkin goes to his overnight appointment at the Sleep Institute.
  • Part way through the night Richard Malkin wakes up startled. He goes into the hallway. All of a sudden soldiers dressed in black assault gear burst through the windows and start cutting people down with machine gun fire.
  • Richard Malkin sneaks to the fire escape without being noticed and runs down the stairs and bursts into the yard. He runs across the compound to reach the exit when he sees a small girl looking at him who mouths the word “run”.
  • A man bursts through the door, takes aim, and kills Richard Malkin. He wakes up with a start.
  • He tears out the electrodes in him, and is extremely agitated. The nurses try to calm him down.
  • The doctor comes in and they start to talk about the dream. He then receives a sedative and enters a dreamless sleep.
  • When he wakes Richard Malkin goes to Dr. Young’s office to talk to him.
  • The doctor asks Richard Malkin if he has ever been tested for ESP and the like.
  • Angelino Montenagro tries to get some contacts to get some info about the girl and her family. Their names are Margery and Walace Brooks.
  • Robert Reynolds and Alejandro (AJ) Alvarez go back during visiting hours to talk to Richard Malkin about his dreams.
  • We decide we need to get into the secure military facility, so Captain Enabran Tain decides to bluff his way in as a high ranking military officer.
  • The commanding officer says he needs to clear it with his superiors and will get back to him.
  • Robert Reynolds gets in touch with the girl’s parents and sets up a meeting with them.
  • Richard Malkin winds up talking to the girl. The doctor says she doesn’t have many visitors and it would be good for her.
  • She says that she needs protection for the bad people and the greys.
  • Robert Reynolds goes to meets the girls parents. Alejandro (AJ) Alvarez goes with him as backup.
  • They are very friendly people. They say that Alyssa was adopted at the age of 2 through the Right Choice adoption agency.
  • The mothers says that Alyssa has dreams of people getting hurt and of monsters coming to get her.
  • She then asks if Robert Reynolds believes in psychics. Then she asks if he believes in extraterrestrials, then becomes dismissive and ashamed.
  • The mother then opens up to Robert Reynolds and says she believes that her daughter is being abducted by aliens.
  • She claims that her and her husband are also abductees. It was long ago and happened frequently.
  • On his way out Robert Reynolds sees a stamp that says “Intruders Survivors Association”.
  • Abduction support group. Nationwide network of people who get together about experiences of their abductions.
  • Captain Enabran Tain and Angelino Montenagro head to Washington to check out Right Choice Adoption.
  • Alejandro (AJ) Alvarez goes to an ISA meeting with Robert Reynolds backing him up. Max seems to be running this meeting.
  • Most seem like UFO crackpots.
  • Richard Malkin tries some psychic mojo and winds up with a nose bleed. He does get a good night sleep though.
  • Captain Enabran Tain and Angelino Montenagro go to the orphanage. When talking to the director Angelino Montenagro feels the urge to kill the man. He suddenly collapses as his heart explodes and he looks at Captain Enabran Tain and his eyes start to bleed. Angelino Montenagro then wakes up in a cold sweat.
  • They decide to go to the agency, but only send in Captain Enabran Tain just in case the dream was a premonition.
  • Back at the sleep institute Richard Malkin wakes up and finds out that Alyssa died while sleeping last night.
  • While investigating, Richard Malkin finds a strange mark on her neck, looks like an insect mark.
  • One of the alien spheres is also there. Richard Malkin uses telekinesis to capture and and he approaches it. As he approaches he gets zapped and it flies away.
  • Richard Malkin is confronted by Paul Holinger and is shot in the leg, cuffed, and injected. Robert Reynolds finds him and he sends a psychic image of Paul to everyone.
  • Richard Malkin gets a quick vision of Robert Reynolds dying, and then a chilling desire to kill everyone around him.
Lacoste's Journal
A train straight to hell
  • David Lacoste uses his police influence to liaison with the RCMP under false pretences.
  • In Toronto, we go to a cop bar to steal some IDs.
  • With two IDs, Richard Malkin and Sebastian Crowley, Phd start canvasing the neighbourhood where the car disappeared into.
  • At one home, there is a flier under the door for Green Acres lawn care. No answer at the door.
  • Captain Enabran Tain notices deactivated cameras around the house.
  • There is also a security system at the house.
  • The home is well furnished, neat, not a lot in it. Well taken care of, no photos. Well stocked fridge. We search the home.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant traces the cameras to a room upstairs. Captain Enabran Tain sees lot of nonperishables, cots, medical supplies.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant hacks the computer and doesn’t find much of interest. He sees some footage of the car as well as Skeleton.
  • David Lacoste finds a train schedule on the main floor. It looks like it is for today in a couple hours.
  • We get a passenger list. We board the train.
  • We see the red headed man (Dr. Skelton) and a skinny woman surrounded by goons get on the train. We go to their car.
  • Robert Reynolds gets felt up a couple times by a suspicious fat dude.
  • At the bar, Mr. White approaches, says he knows who we are, taps his head, and says he knows we are about to get into a firefight. He is wearing a metal band around his head. He wants to defect from Soviet Russia to the CIA. He says the train is going to Washington DC.
  • His name Ilysch Syovobitsky (Sylvester).
  • He says that his metal band lets him read his mind, and he can’t take it off. He keeps talking to Dr. Jason Tennant about plausible science.
  • Richard Malkin orders champagne for each room so we can see inside. He then tries to probe their minds and it seems “alien”. He finds out that they are heavily armed.
  • Sebastian Crowley, Phd confronts them, and tries to break into the other car without the goons. A fight ensues.
  • David Lacoste dies from a 72 point plasma attack. R.I.P.
  • Sebastian Crowley, Phd dies from a 72 point plasma attack. R.I.P.
  • After the rest of the group escapes, they bring Captain Enabran Tain to a hospital and then go back to base to interrogate Dr. Skelton.
  • Sylvester’s name is connected with Project Rasputin according to HERMES.
  • New characters are being made with 90xp.
Tennant's Report
Homework Kills

December 12

The Rainbow Room 6:45 p.m.

  • While eating dinner at the rainbow room I receive a call
  • Marina Banks (Steve Banks is her son), hasn’t returned his phone. Living of Residence, University of NY and I get his phone number
  • He was studying Engineering.
  • Tain and I take Crowley’s car. and head to the residence

The NYU Residence building 7:08 p.m.

  • The building is on fire.
  • One student claims that the building just caught fire
  • Tain and I head to the Deputy to receive a list of names of people pulled from the building, Steve’s name isn’t on the list.
  • Crowley scry us, and he see Taine putting on his silencer, he immediately stops, and tells the group that dinner is over. he and the group immediately leave

Steve’s Office 7:11 p.m.

  • Tain and I break into the office. I look at through his computer, I take a look at his files. some of the files are encrypted, I download the files on my Hermes.
  • Looking around we find an address book

The NYU Residence building 7:22 p.m.

  • Malkin tries to see if there is anybody left in the burning building, he didn’t sense anyone.
  • Reynolds snags a radio, to see if there is any suspicious chatter.
  • Crowley snags some firemen kit, to sneak into the building, to Steve’s Room
  • I call Steve and leave a message.
  • Crowley gets to Steve’s room, and finds two corpses (both male), burnt to the bone, he grabs some of the bones. The room could have been the flashpoint (origin), He keeps the fire gear
  • Tain and Malkin head back to the office, and get a some DNA samples.
  • We all head back to the Manor

The Manor 8:00 p.m.

  • I can’t get a sample, so Crowley calls FBI agent Mason for some help he agrees
  • Meanwhile Taine goes through the address book, and doesn’t come across everything unusual
  • I head off with Crowley to the FBI building

FBI building 8:45 p.m.

  • We hand off the evidence to Special Agent Mason

The Manor 9:28 p.m.

  • I look at the address book, one name jumps out is Susanna, (someone Steve had mentioned in the past
  • Crowley gets the priest who has been locked up and heavily medicated arranged to be taken by CAPS
  • the next day I get files about CIA mind control documents off of Steve’s Harddrive (he has been investigating)
  • There is a personal diary, describing meetings with a man named Dr Skeltin (from the psychology department
  • Steve was taking some kind of drug given to him through Dr Skeltin (who specializes in neural biology)
  • He has also been meeting with a man named Mr. White.
  • He seems to become more paranoid as the diary goes further.
  • Crowley contacts the Ethics office to see if he has any experiments going on, a few months ago he was doing an experiment with ESP.
  • Crowley calls his editor to arrange a meeting with the Dr Skeltin, Dr Skeltin is not in his office, and doesn’t know when he will be back.
  • I head off to meet with Susanna

December 13

Susanna’s Dorm 10:33 a.m.

  • Susanna is a short slender redhead, he mentions that he has been avoiding her recently, He mentioned Mr. White Corporate recruiter. There is not much information to be had.

The Manor 9:33 a.m.

  • Reports begin to say that the Fire is believed to be arson
  • Taine gets a hold of the footage of the fire, and sees a red haired man with beard leaving the building moments before the fire

Skeltin’s Office 10:38 a.m.

  • Crowley and Malkin head to the office as FBI agent Jacks and Teller, and Lisa Smith is the secretary as well as a student. Crowley extraordinary seduces her. They get Skeltin’s address.
  • Malkin reads Lisa’s mind and see the image that the red haired man is Dr. Skeltin, and that she too was one of the test subjects
  • I make the theory that Skeltin and Susanna are related to the Skeltin due to the red hair
  • Crowley makes a date with Lisa

Skeltin’s House 11:25 a.m.

  • We all meet up at Skeltin’s address
  • and notice no signs of movement
  • We break in to his house disarming the alarm
  • Crowley takes the basement discovering a lab, but it seems it was ransacked
  • There is no pictures of Susanna, it is just a coincidence
  • Reynolds checks the office, and sees that the computer has been stolen, as well as notes on his studies, as well as a paper marked as follow
  • Steve Banks
  • Diana Close
  • Lisa Smith (C)
  • Alex Reinfield
  • Tain notices that the medicine cabinet has been ransacked as well
  • Luggage and clothes is missing.
  • I look at the chemist set, and notices that someone did a rush job on clearing the lab, and find three bottles with yellow liquid in it
  • I upload one vial into the Hermes to see if it’s recognized
  • Tain tries a number of the last call out, and it’s disconnected
  • the last call phoned in is his secretary
  • Crowley scries the sheet:
  • He learns that dr. Skeltin is alive
  • He isn’t at the University
  • Taine and Malkin go check out the garage
  • Paul Mason calls Crowley, the bone fragment matches the hair samples
  • I call Marina and let her know the bad news
  • Crowley goes to “pump” Lisa
  • Hermes analyzed the substance as LB-2
  • LB-2 designed in the 50’s by the Mkulkas MKULTRA for increase psy enhancements, uncontrolled psy enhancements such as pyro, tests showed signs of paranoia, cancelled in 1959

Chicago 7:00 p.m.

  • Crowley takes Lisa to Chicago, for dinner. She clams up about the drugs when asked.
  • He asks about her interest in ESP
  • He seduces her with a little more wine and she opens up
  • after the ESP was cancelled, Skeltin started the new experiment, each person was given a drug, both Steve and Alan were becoming more paranoid
  • The experiment was classified, and had to sign a disclosure not to mention anything about it, she seems scared.
  • She had met Mr. White

The Manor 7:00 p.m.

  • I hack into the university to get addresses of Alex and Diana
  • Alex committed suicide yesterday jumping off the building.

The University 7:50 p.m.

  • We head to Diana’s no one is there, Reynolds picks the lock
  • We search the room, and find her phone, one recent number is Peter Tosh her boyfriend
  • I call Peter Tosh. He has no idea where she is, missing for a few days
  • She is a fairly attractive girl, almost anorexic probably due to the medication
  • We head to Lisa’s dorm
  • Taine places a wire trap on the phone
  • Neither her nor Diana called the same number except for dr. Skeltin
  • We head back to the manor, and see if the tablets are sugar
  • It is a sugar pill
  • I report Diana as a missing person to the police
  • Several mind control programs have the title LB.
  • Taine searches Hermes for a Mr. White, nothing comes up

December 14th

  • Lisa stays at Crowley’s place
  • Tain and Crowley head to the morgue to find out who the victims are, one is Steve Banks, the other is unidentified. a Large adult man
  • There was a incendiary device used to make the explosion. The damage was not possible in a normal fire. The intensity of the heat was a unknown explosion due to the heat that was produced
  • A red haired man was identified exiting the body building
  • Reynolds goes to the CIA to look for Alias’s of Mr. White, nothing comes up
  • Crowley calls Skeltin’s office
  • Nothing comes up with Storage sheds or hotels it takes a couple days
  • Crowley gets Skeltin’s credit card cancelled
  • The credit card was last used at the JFK airport, american
  • Reynolds gets Skeltin’s passport flagged, as it was going to Toronto
  • He was spotted in Toronto with a thin woman with blonde hair, There were 2 men in black suits.
  • Mr. White rented the car
  • He has a few days lead on us
  • Tain arranges a flight for us (so we can get our guns and equipment) and arranges for a vehicle
  • our contact is peter Welsh


  • we land outside of Toronto and are loaded onto a transport trailer, and end up in Oshuwa
  • I hack into the traffic cameras, and follow the car to a suburban area.
  • We also learn that Mr. White wasn’t the body.
Lacoste's Journal
Abductions for all!
  • David Lacoste is awarded 4xp.
  • It is the next day. We get a call from Sebastian Crowley, Phd who is out of town on business. He got a call from his contact saying that we should watch the local news because sightings have increased.
  • The news is reporting a biological breakout in the Forrest Hills area, and the cdc and national guard are setting up a quarantine. There is reports of flu like symptoms in the victims.
  • We head down to the area to investigate.
  • Before we leave, Captain Enabran Tain gets some satellite photos of the area. The people look to be wearing hazmat suits.
  • At the first checkpoint we are stopped by the guard who will not let us past.
  • We get a call from one of the other patients who is having horrible nightmares about “small men” and she feels that the men in the quarantine zone are not there to help. She claims they cut the phone and cable lines.
  • We get CDC IDs from Aegis and go to the hospital to suit up.
  • Inside the quarantine zone we go to see the woman.
  • She recounts more stories of classic grey abductions.
  • David Lacoste starts to feel a strange buzzing in his head. At the same time the patrols start to get closer.
  • We go to an already searched house and take her with us. We stash her there with a communicator.
  • We then go to the hospital to check this out. There are buses arriving and there are people being put though the cleaning process.
  • Alexei Kalashnikov discovers men in suits under their hazmat suits who look very suspicious. He sees someone hypnotizing one of the patients.
  • Captain Enabran Tain puts a bug on someone about to be brought to an examination room. He is hypnotized and asked about the night of the 14th. He talks about abductions, which the man interviewing reinforces.
  • Alexei Kalashnikov and Richard Malkin go back to the woman to further probe her mind as Richard Malkin now knows that they are implanted memories.
  • Probing reveals that the aliens were actually doctors in masks.
  • A car starts to approach the house. Alexei Kalashnikov senses it, and the kid seems to as well.
  • He gives them the ol’ kung fu, takes the car keys, and escapes with Richard Malkin, the woman, and her kid.
  • We then leave the quarantine zone.
  • Back at base we get the Doctor to check them out, they seem fine.
  • Alexei Kalashnikov starts to feel a buzzing sensation just like David Lacoste. The kid says that they are coming.
  • We get out of base and go to the local Project Rasputin base.
  • Alexei Kalashnikov sees a silvery object out of the rear view mirror, suddenly the van dies and we all freeze in place. The back of the van opens up, we see bright light coming in, the kid and the mother are lifted up and taken toward the light. After they disappear we hear a whooshing sound, the van starts back up, and we come to. The kid’s teddy is still in the van.
  • We got a similar buzzing sensation when the ufo showed up.
  • Alexei Kalashnikov tries to get Satellite Alexis to find the kid if he is still in the area of the hospital.
  • While waiting for the satellite we call up people with kids from that clinic that is out of the local area. One woman we talk to says he kid just went missing.
  • Alexei Kalashnikov gets his info back, they can’t find the kid, there is more psychics in the area, and they have the impression that something not human is watching the whole area.
  • Later in the day, the quarantine is being lifted, and certain people are being removed for further study.
  • 20 xp awarded.
  • 2 weeks downtime awarded.

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