A mind control device found in the posession of Dr. Norstrum


The device functions as a limited MHIC-EDOM (see Conspiracy X – p.227). It is capable of the Trance and Amnesia functions only. See below for details on how this device differs from the MHIC-EDOM:

Trance 15 yards D10 Minutes
Amnesia 5 yards 30 minutes prior to device use (increased to 1 hour through research by Jason Tennant)

Due to the way the device was improved, through increasing the electrical and microwave output, this device now causes D4 Life Point and Endurance Point damage with each use.


The device code-named LB-427 is based off old designs for the MHIC-EDOM. It was designed by a company called Industrial Dynamics and was being tested by Dr. Peter Norstrum at Columbia University in New York. The plans were passed on by Jonas MacDonald, a MKULTRA agent who is a member of the characters parent cell. He was once an MKULTRA psychic, but burned out his psychic ability.

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