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Beyond the Veil
A Memoir of an American Truthsayer

Chapter One: Opened Eyes…

Sometimes I wonder how it is I should begin. Each page of each tome I write is like an augury into my very soul. No truer could the words on the pages of my books be than if I were to write in my own blood, which I will admit has crossed my mind, if for nothing other than to offer up some sacrifice to the muses. Alas, perhaps I should begin a memoir with nothing less than the immortal words written by Charles Dickens; “Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show.” Perhaps my life is worth no more than simple cliché, the truest drudgery of a genius wordsmith, “I am born, I grow up.” No, perhaps I shall not use another words at all, speak, as I am so often told, the truth no matter how damning. Yes, my words to begin my memoir…

This world is doomed, and I’ve accepted it.

My childhood, like so many others was not uncommon in any particular way. That is until my sixteenth birthday. A package arrived for me, dusty perhaps, but it was a prize none the less. It was from my “father” a man absent in my life, a man I had never known. My mother would tell me some years later that my father is a relative of the late Alister Crowley, a mystic and sage of the early twentieth century. His notes have always been passed down among his line and it was then that they came to me. Apparently my father had kept them away, to be delivered at a specific time. My true father died before I could meet him, but his gift made me the man I am today.

The book was a journal, hand written, supposedly by Crowley. Upon its pages were notes and references to dozens of prophecies and occult texts. It was in these pages I first learned of the existence of the mystical and paranormal in our world. These pages would consume my life for many years as I began to investigate the truths laid before me. The more I investigated the more I myself began to write the truth, perhaps I just discovered a better way of doing it, by publishing and getting my words out, rather than hide them within a dusty tome.

Chapter Eight: Bag Full of Tricks…

In the pursuit of the truth I must admit that I have not always acted in accordance with the tenants and ethics of an academic. Clandestine meetings, breaking and entering, theft and at times even violence have been in my bags of tricks in the past. I at times see myself as a modern day James Bond or Indiana Jones, albeit with better style, taste and superior intelligence.

I have developed a series of skills beyond a natural aptitude for writing and investigation. From lock picking to picking pockets, whatever is necessary to acquire the truth. It is a dangerous path, finding the truth in this world, especially when it comes to the paranormal. Lies and misinformation abound and every day we get closer to a day when everything will change.

Chapter Fifteen: Sex, Death and Notoriety

I have worked with many people in my career. I have made contacts in many agencies and have gotten involved in things I couldn’t begin to describe to you within these pages. However, many of my contacts have dried up because of a foolish mistake, a mistake that few will let me forget now. In pursuit of an important piece of information I did what I do best, I made contact with an informant. After pumping her for the information my partner and I needed I ended up spending a little more time with her. Little did I know that my partner would follow up on my lead, follow up and get himself killed. Of course had I been there it never would have happened, but really he should have waited for me. Sometime great men have to suffer for the inadequacies of those lesser to him, and suffer I have been. I do not work with others as often, mainly due to the rumors that I had something to do with his death.

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Aliens, Magic and the End of the World

Certainly my thirteen fiction novels and eight non fiction investigations into the paranormal speak for themselves. I have explored the prophecies of the greats, looked into the events of the world and I know that things are coming to a head. Writing has been good to me and I shall continue to do it, even if I am continually silenced and I have to risk everything to acquire my information.
There are no better writers so I am compelled to continue to write, and I’m sure you, dear reader, will continue to read.

Chapter Fifty-Eight

Even now I am working with a special agency. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to write another book. But I guarantee, when I do it’ll be the best you have ever read.

Sebastian Crowley, Phd

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