Jonas MacDonald

Burned out MKULTRA Psychic


Name: Jonas MacDonald
Gender: Male
Age: Late forties
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green
Race: Caucasian
Affiliation: Project MKULTRA; AEGIS
Current Whereabouts: Unknown (Deceased)

Jonas was in his late-forties at the time of his death. He was tall and had dark brown hair.


Jonas was once an MKULTRA psychic, but burned out due to heavy use of Psi-Drugs. Jonas had become disillusioned with AEGIS and was seeking to join the Black Book. He was paranoid and suffered from some mental instability.

He passed along some documents relating to the Top Secret MKULTRA device, called the MHIC-EDOM, to Major (RET.) Sanford Vaughn at Industrial Dynamics. With these plans they created the device code-named LB-427.

Jonas was captured by the cell and interrogated. After the interrogation was complete, he was given a lethal injection of morphine by the cell leader, Major Elis Creed. His body was then taken away by X.

Jonas MacDonald

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