David "Welshy" Herman

Engineer with 3 Doctorates from MIT


Engineer: 2 RP. Computer Programming 2, Engineering
((Mechanical)) 4, Mechanic 3.


“I am very drunk.”

“Welshy” is an incredibly gifted engineer and had is first doctorate before his 18th birthday. Unfortunately, “Welshy” has never been a people person and his time in Aegis has done little to improve his social skills. In order to cope with the new reality that has become his world, “Welshy” has turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism. “Welshy” had always looked to alcohol as means of “loosing” up in social situations, but the “truth” that has been revealed to him has turned “Welshy” into a borderline alcoholic (albeit a highly functional one). While “Welshy’s” alcoholism has yet to impact his work for Aegis or The Cell, one can’t help but wonder if he will someday collapse under the weight of his own genius and the burden of knowing “the truth.”

“Welshy” is also a celebrated yodeller and (after he’s had a few drinks) is often happy to share this gift.

David "Welshy" Herman

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