The Truth is a Lie

The Alvarez Files

The Admiral goes down with the ship

  • Mr. McBane is the orphanage director.
  • Rear Admiral Tain interrogates McBane, who says that the psychic kids come from MKOMEGA, specifically Dr. Gatsby. We get contact info.
  • Battista “The Saint” Carlotta calls Gatsby, and sets up a meet.
  • Gatsby says that the children are engineered. The goal was to create the perfect human, though he claims they didn’t engineer psychic powers into them.
  • He seems to want to defect and give us info if we can get him safely to Europe.
  • MKOMEGA was trying to create supersoldiers and was fully funded by the CIA.
  • They created two generations so that they could watch their development before they took the project further.
  • Sibyl Systems revived the project after it had become defunct.
  • They are a military contractor, and the president is Irene Star.
  • Richard Malkin has a dream that he is peeling the skin from Rear Admiral Tain’s bones.
  • We go to the Doctor’s lab in Virginia, a facility on a huge plot of land marked the Department of Agriculture.
  • End of notes due to battery failure.



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