The Truth is a Lie

The Alvarez Files

Dreams within dreams

  • The night starts with Richard Malkin phoning home to GRAYBEARD.
  • We decide to look into Paul Hollinger.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant finds out more about Hollinger. He is a very well-known and stalwart sceptic.
  • Battista “The Saint” Carlotta gets in touch with some crime contacts to try and find him.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant then searches out his credit cards so we can track him.
  • Captain Enabran Tain searches around the various hotels and locates Hollinger.
  • We go to the hotel and he seems to be out.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant gets his credit card number and sees the hold which the hotel has for his room. They also see that he rented a car from the airport.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant then reprograms a hotel key card to open Hollinger’s room.
  • Captain Enabran Tain and Richard Malkin goes into his room and house keeping has been there, though it does look like someone got out quickly.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant then disguises himself as a security technician and goes in to tap into the security system.
  • That night, Richard Malkin and Captain Enabran Tain spend the night in the hotel room and take turns waiting for Hollinger to return.
  • While sleeping, Richard Malkin starts to have an out of body experience and floats above his body. He floats right out of the hotel room.
  • He goes to the restricted top floor labs, and sees soldiers in deprivation tanks and hooked up to wires. The research going on is to make soldiers not need to sleep, but it seems to not be working.
  • Captain Enabran Tain has a hunch that the girl is actually dead, not faking.
  • He travels around to other places looking for clues. He then goes back to his body, but can’t get in because someone is already in there.
    *Richard Malkin sees his body walk out of the room, get a drink, and then go back to the room.
  • The night passes and we wake up. Battista “The Saint” Carlotta calls up Hollinger’s organization to try to get in touch. He gets an email address.
  • Richard Malkin tries to use telepathy to contact Captain Enabran Tain, but can’t. He does see red-eyed malevolent beings coming towards him. They pull him down.
  • Richard Malkin then wakes up screaming uncontrollably, everything before being a dream. Captain Enabran Tain chloroforms him to knock him back out.
  • Captain Enabran Tain calls the rest of the group and they pick them up.
  • We then take him back to the institute.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant then gets permission to look at old records to try and get to the bottom to this.
  • The next day the Doctor reports that Richard Malkin is off sedation and is in a coma.
  • We do a fly by to scope out the institute. Marines come out and fire at us.
  • The next day Richard Malkin wakes up and tells us about the dream. He feels the adoption agency is the best lead.
  • GRAYBEARD gets in touch with Richard Malkin and says there was an unknown chemical in the girl.
  • We go to break into the adoption agency. The filing cabinets have complete listings of all the children, including Alyssa.
  • All of the children originated from the Lionheart Orphanage, which was founded in 1993 in Richmond, VA, moved to Baltimore in 2000. Fully owned by the Lionheart group, places all children through the right choice adoption agency.



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