The Truth is a Lie

The Alvarez Files

Are we awake, or are we dreaming?

  • Robert Reynolds starts the night by looking for an old CIA equipment cache in an abandoned store in Baltimore. There is a stash of old surveillance gear, including small A/V bugs. Not a lot else, as it has been picked over.
  • Captain Enabran Tain tries to insert a bug under Richard Malkin’s skin, but only manages to cut ’im up. Alejandro (AJ) Alvarez goes to get some more decent supplies and succeeds in implanting the bug.
  • Richard Malkin goes to his overnight appointment at the Sleep Institute.
  • Part way through the night Richard Malkin wakes up startled. He goes into the hallway. All of a sudden soldiers dressed in black assault gear burst through the windows and start cutting people down with machine gun fire.
  • Richard Malkin sneaks to the fire escape without being noticed and runs down the stairs and bursts into the yard. He runs across the compound to reach the exit when he sees a small girl looking at him who mouths the word “run”.
  • A man bursts through the door, takes aim, and kills Richard Malkin. He wakes up with a start.
  • He tears out the electrodes in him, and is extremely agitated. The nurses try to calm him down.
  • The doctor comes in and they start to talk about the dream. He then receives a sedative and enters a dreamless sleep.
  • When he wakes Richard Malkin goes to Dr. Young’s office to talk to him.
  • The doctor asks Richard Malkin if he has ever been tested for ESP and the like.
  • Angelino Montenagro tries to get some contacts to get some info about the girl and her family. Their names are Margery and Walace Brooks.
  • Robert Reynolds and Alejandro (AJ) Alvarez go back during visiting hours to talk to Richard Malkin about his dreams.
  • We decide we need to get into the secure military facility, so Captain Enabran Tain decides to bluff his way in as a high ranking military officer.
  • The commanding officer says he needs to clear it with his superiors and will get back to him.
  • Robert Reynolds gets in touch with the girl’s parents and sets up a meeting with them.
  • Richard Malkin winds up talking to the girl. The doctor says she doesn’t have many visitors and it would be good for her.
  • She says that she needs protection for the bad people and the greys.
  • Robert Reynolds goes to meets the girls parents. Alejandro (AJ) Alvarez goes with him as backup.
  • They are very friendly people. They say that Alyssa was adopted at the age of 2 through the Right Choice adoption agency.
  • The mothers says that Alyssa has dreams of people getting hurt and of monsters coming to get her.
  • She then asks if Robert Reynolds believes in psychics. Then she asks if he believes in extraterrestrials, then becomes dismissive and ashamed.
  • The mother then opens up to Robert Reynolds and says she believes that her daughter is being abducted by aliens.
  • She claims that her and her husband are also abductees. It was long ago and happened frequently.
  • On his way out Robert Reynolds sees a stamp that says “Intruders Survivors Association”.
  • Abduction support group. Nationwide network of people who get together about experiences of their abductions.
  • Captain Enabran Tain and Angelino Montenagro head to Washington to check out Right Choice Adoption.
  • Alejandro (AJ) Alvarez goes to an ISA meeting with Robert Reynolds backing him up. Max seems to be running this meeting.
  • Most seem like UFO crackpots.
  • Richard Malkin tries some psychic mojo and winds up with a nose bleed. He does get a good night sleep though.
  • Captain Enabran Tain and Angelino Montenagro go to the orphanage. When talking to the director Angelino Montenagro feels the urge to kill the man. He suddenly collapses as his heart explodes and he looks at Captain Enabran Tain and his eyes start to bleed. Angelino Montenagro then wakes up in a cold sweat.
  • They decide to go to the agency, but only send in Captain Enabran Tain just in case the dream was a premonition.
  • Back at the sleep institute Richard Malkin wakes up and finds out that Alyssa died while sleeping last night.
  • While investigating, Richard Malkin finds a strange mark on her neck, looks like an insect mark.
  • One of the alien spheres is also there. Richard Malkin uses telekinesis to capture and and he approaches it. As he approaches he gets zapped and it flies away.
  • Richard Malkin is confronted by Paul Holinger and is shot in the leg, cuffed, and injected. Robert Reynolds finds him and he sends a psychic image of Paul to everyone.
  • Richard Malkin gets a quick vision of Robert Reynolds dying, and then a chilling desire to kill everyone around him.



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