The Truth is a Lie

Special Agent Marrek's Aegis Report (November 6, 2014)

The Florida Report


Nov 7 2014

Downtime – Bought helicopters and supplies

Alexi (Mike) has a dream:

Blue Grey under attack in their cave. They went ot hide.

Attacked by strike team – with short wearing dark clothing, pale skin, broad brimmed hat, black eyes

Headed out in the helicopters (Attack and Passanger)

Headed to florida

Went to wearhouse, found the blue grey

Resuced them and got them back to our base

ALEXI KLINISHKOF (Mike) gets another vision – pain, bound to a chair, human tied down, other people in room, they are the ones hurting him

As he flashes back, after image – outline of farmiliar face – Boris

Went back to caves – in passanger helicopter
Sign on fence – Cybel Systems

Photos of boot prints

Inside cave: Clean up done –
Bullet holes – retreived bullet from rock

As Alexi is in wading pool checking it out, he gets another flash
flesh on fire
suited men- standing around Alexi
One has a device -

Small Pin on ground – symbol – Sybal systems

Intel File – Col. McArthur, retired, lives in florida
4 days
Rolled 22
Will get any info

Get back ground check, military history
Mention of Project Nautilus
On up & up

The General went to find info on Project Nautilus
- no data from search

Put bullet and foot prints
Bullets – Mix of 9mm and 5.5 mm assault rifles (common)
Boots – US Military

Headed to visit Col. McArthur

Project Nautilus: Classified projects, sub-contracted out to Sybl systems, researching marine vessles, posssiblities of hiding marine craft, electro magatism, convert stealth to water craft

Project shut down in 90s

Headed to Syble Compound:
Single story building
tire tracks
There is operating camera

C4 the door

Searched building

Found files
Project Nautilus
experiments involving psy powers
refers to subjects testing and noting psy powers

Grabbed relevent files

Grabbed a guard
Guard “Smith”
1 sub level
who is in command of facility?

Alexi turns to general and fires, under control of psy

I shoot the guard in the head

Attacked by a group of guards in control room



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