The Truth is a Lie

Special Agent Marrek's Aegis Report (May 16, 2014)

Syble Systems Report

rene Star – Intel File
Previously – right out of university (harvard business)
Not adopted
Associates -President of Syble Systems
Left company after we attacked compound
Swiss Bank account – bonds found in sybil from previous mission

Baltamore – Sybil Systems

Scanned with Alexi’s satalight

Attacked base, found 6 men, laptops,
they worked for the secret gov
they reported to, man “Lobe” was his name (plus list)

They threatened us, told us we are dealing with things we don’t understand

The group researched: (from computer)
Research into Sybil

Chemistry stuff on site – Tennent is on it

Security guy – body guard for PR guy (Keith)
ex military
hired through private firm
name, etc

Went to Sible Systems PR person’s apartment
smooth talked my way in

Found laptop and secured lock box
Need to “Stop Investigation” (Stopped – rolled 5th level)

Laptop: Files → Detailed records from the orphan farms, adoption records
Lock Box: Details on ownership of several orphaniarums (less than hunrderds, but dozens), deeds, business papers

“Lionheart” orphaniarum did have a secret room

Served a fake warrent to a orphan farm
Used False identiy (Police)

Searched the facility for a secret enterance, Tennent found the hidden room

4 People in room
meeting being held

Door bursts open, The General is thrown back
The General counters a martial arts maneuver, snaps the neck of the person
I shot and killed one
Dan shot the 3rd one
Last women I shot in the leg.

We binded her wounds
Cuffed her hands and took her for questioning

Tennant used the stun device, cleared her memory for the battle

Power goes out, bright light, Metalic object in sky, we are all unable to move
two grey’s meterialize
We pass out



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