The Truth is a Lie

Lacoste's Journal

Abductions for all!

  • David Lacoste is awarded 4xp.
  • It is the next day. We get a call from Sebastian Crowley, Phd who is out of town on business. He got a call from his contact saying that we should watch the local news because sightings have increased.
  • The news is reporting a biological breakout in the Forrest Hills area, and the cdc and national guard are setting up a quarantine. There is reports of flu like symptoms in the victims.
  • We head down to the area to investigate.
  • Before we leave, Captain Enabran Tain gets some satellite photos of the area. The people look to be wearing hazmat suits.
  • At the first checkpoint we are stopped by the guard who will not let us past.
  • We get a call from one of the other patients who is having horrible nightmares about “small men” and she feels that the men in the quarantine zone are not there to help. She claims they cut the phone and cable lines.
  • We get CDC IDs from Aegis and go to the hospital to suit up.
  • Inside the quarantine zone we go to see the woman.
  • She recounts more stories of classic grey abductions.
  • David Lacoste starts to feel a strange buzzing in his head. At the same time the patrols start to get closer.
  • We go to an already searched house and take her with us. We stash her there with a communicator.
  • We then go to the hospital to check this out. There are buses arriving and there are people being put though the cleaning process.
  • Alexei Kalashnikov discovers men in suits under their hazmat suits who look very suspicious. He sees someone hypnotizing one of the patients.
  • Captain Enabran Tain puts a bug on someone about to be brought to an examination room. He is hypnotized and asked about the night of the 14th. He talks about abductions, which the man interviewing reinforces.
  • Alexei Kalashnikov and Richard Malkin go back to the woman to further probe her mind as Richard Malkin now knows that they are implanted memories.
  • Probing reveals that the aliens were actually doctors in masks.
  • A car starts to approach the house. Alexei Kalashnikov senses it, and the kid seems to as well.
  • He gives them the ol’ kung fu, takes the car keys, and escapes with Richard Malkin, the woman, and her kid.
  • We then leave the quarantine zone.
  • Back at base we get the Doctor to check them out, they seem fine.
  • Alexei Kalashnikov starts to feel a buzzing sensation just like David Lacoste. The kid says that they are coming.
  • We get out of base and go to the local Project Rasputin base.
  • Alexei Kalashnikov sees a silvery object out of the rear view mirror, suddenly the van dies and we all freeze in place. The back of the van opens up, we see bright light coming in, the kid and the mother are lifted up and taken toward the light. After they disappear we hear a whooshing sound, the van starts back up, and we come to. The kid’s teddy is still in the van.
  • We got a similar buzzing sensation when the ufo showed up.
  • Alexei Kalashnikov tries to get Satellite Alexis to find the kid if he is still in the area of the hospital.
  • While waiting for the satellite we call up people with kids from that clinic that is out of the local area. One woman we talk to says he kid just went missing.
  • Alexei Kalashnikov gets his info back, they can’t find the kid, there is more psychics in the area, and they have the impression that something not human is watching the whole area.
  • Later in the day, the quarantine is being lifted, and certain people are being removed for further study.
  • 20 xp awarded.
  • 2 weeks downtime awarded.



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