The Truth is a Lie

Lacoste's Journal

Tactical. Very tactical.

  • The night starts with Tennent receiving a call from Agent X word via his UFO contacts about a mother that killed her baby because she said it was an alien. The baby survived and is recovering in hospital.
  • Tain goes home and finds his apartment ransacked. All his valuables and some of his private items are gone.
  • The neighbours claim that he told them he was moving and they saw the movers moving the stuff. They say they saw him in the hall.
  • Tain calls the cops and they do their jobs.
  • Tennent finds out that the woman (Gweondolyn Farthington) lived in a neighbourhood called Forrest Hills and was taken to Harrington Memorial Hospital.
  • We go the hospital and investigate the baby and the woman. We are turned away because of no warrant, so we go back to base and Tennent starts forging warrants.
  • While doing that, the rest of us go asking around for clues. Crowley uses a hair from the crime scene to scry a face, and we ask around. His name is Vinnie the Snake.
  • We go ask Jimmy “The Snitch” about him. He knows him as a B&E man, good locksmith. Hangs around this neighbour. Jimmy will look into it.
  • While that is happening we go to the hospital with the warrants.
  • First we go see the mother, the security officer scrutinizes us, takes our weapons, and leads us in.
  • She describes a typical “grey” alien. She claims that the baby didn’t feel like hers. She just had to get rid of him.
  • She says she was taken more than once, always from home when her husband was away on business.
  • Malkin starts to read her mind about the events. He sees a standard grey abduction and then feels resistance, like the greys put a block there.
  • We go to see the baby. We are introduced to Dr. Gregory Smith. He takes “Dr. Tennent” and his nurse Malkin to the intensive care unit.
  • They talk to the father, he says he doesn’t know why this all happened. He says they were having troubles, and went to the Family First fertility clinic.
  • Tennent starts to examine the baby, seems normal. Malkin then reads its mind. Doesn’t get much.
  • We thank the father, he gives us a card, his name is Todd Farthington.
  • We go back to talk to Jimmy. Vinnie has a warehouse on the docks that he works out of and has mafia ties.
  • We go to check out the place. There are people around the warehouse that look out of place, as well as other people working. Malkin senses that they are working for the Vincenci Family. He also senses that there is illegal merchandize inside. He also knows Vinnie and he is here right now and that there are 10 people in total.
  • We enter the warehouse to get Vinnie out to interrogate him. Instead, we get Malkin on the roof to search his mind. He was paid by a man named Samuel Jackson to break into Tain’s place. It was the first time he ever met or worked for him. Sam found him here. Sam went with him to Tain’s apartment, along with two other guys. He didn’t say why he wanted it done, said he had a score to settle. He said they could take what wanted, and he would make it easier for them to get in. Deeper probing gets an image of Tain, he looked like him the whole time. He didn’t say that there was any further work.
  • On the way out, Tain slams the skylight by accident. We escape.
  • Meanwhile Tennent is researching Family First. He got the patient records.
  • We then break in and start gathering files and evidence.
  • There are a couple specially sealed rooms. One of them is a records department. One is a cryogenics facility.
  • A small percentage of viles are marked with a secondary number, starting with DT.
  • Malkin hears people being stealthy coming in the front door. The are all wearing black jumpsuits and nightvision with submachine guns. The lead stops the group, and points in Malkin’s position. We enter combat. We strategically exit the building.
  • Around front we kidnap their wheelman.



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