The Truth is a Lie

Lacoste's Journal

The Hanged Man

  • The night starts with Agent X introducing us to Alexi Kalashnikov.
  • We then start following up leads.
  • Tyrone Jackson killed in 1996, survived by Bertha Jackson. Africa and Kevin are his kids. Kevin disappeared.
  • Lucien Francesci, Italian, killed in 1999.
  • Sarah Napa, survived by Renza Napa, Matilda (name Sarah’s Place comes up, Matty, owner and waitress), Demitrio (died in a plane crash 2003).
  • Brian Johnston, had head crushed on own porch in 1993 by 3 people with a pipe, witnesses claim it was black men with leather jackets. Wife is Beverly, kid is Shiv the gang member.
  • Children dying because of a curse? Victims don’t all have children that died.
  • We decide to go to Riker’s Island to look for Tyrone Jackson’s cell mate.
  • The warden doesn’t want to help us without a warrant, so Crowley tries to bride him successfully.
  • Samuel Davidson is led in. Enabran Tain starts to interrogate him.
  • Claims that Issac was selling drugs to kids, even got his daughter killed, that’s why he hanged him.
  • Samuel thinks he is a decent guy. Warden says he wasn’t a trouble maker.
  • We go to Manny the cabbie’s house (partner of Issac the cabbie, who was hanged by Tyrone). He isn’t home, so we break in. Very dark and dirty.
  • Last number dialled on his phone was the Stansfield Institute.
  • We toss the place, lots of receipts for Sarah’s Place and for car parts.
  • We call Manny (small white guy with glasses and greasy hair and a weird look in his eyes, hard to look at) to come pick us up. He is the same guy that drove David Lacoste earlier.
  • He seems suspicious about Tyrone’s death, we try to apprehend him, he runs, but David Lacoste tackles him.
  • We take him back to base and put him in the holding cell. He had a handgun and a knife on him.
  • Crowley hypnotizes him and starts to question him.
  • He asks about who he killed. He says: Tyrone, Lucian, Sarah, Brian, Kevin, Beverly.
  • “How did you kill these people.” “He told me to, the presence.”
  • Jeremy Stansfield is his priest.
  • The presence has been talking to him for years, it needs his body, his strength.
  • The description sounds like he has been possessed, and that he has a genuine desire to please the presence.
  • He said the preacher helped him for some murders, other people for others.
  • The presence chooses bad people.
  • The presence has a physical manifestation and was seen today, with him in his cab, but left on his way to the hospital.
  • The presence looks like the hanged man, mostly shadow, pure evil.
  • He claims he is a hunter.
  • We erase his memory and put him back in his cab in the city.
  • Almost immediately we see a quick vision of the hanged man, right outside the cab, which looks a lot like Issac.
  • We hear whispering of Manny’s name on the audio bug.
  • We follow him to the Stansfield Institute. He goes inside, we follow.
  • He is there visiting Jeremy Stansfield.
  • Jason goes in to check everything out.
  • He is confronted by workers and asks for help over the comm. David Lacoste and Crowley go to intervene.
  • On our way we recognize Dr. Merryweather and we take him to Stansfield’s room.
  • He is in his room, sitting quietly. He says that Manny was there for solace. We accuse him of conspiring and controlling Manny. He sends David Lacoste away with mental powers and Crowley attacks him. Alexi comes in to the room and attacks as well.
  • Eventually, Crowley has to kill Jeremy because he was controlling so many people.
  • We escape with Stansfield back to base.
  • We then go to retrieve Manny.
  • When there, Tain gets possessed by the Hanged Man and attacks Crowley.
  • We disable him with a shot to the knee, the spirit laughs and leaves in a plume of black smoke.
  • Tain then starts to have a flashback to Afghanistan, but doesn’t attack.
  • We load everyone up and get back to the base.
  • 22 xp and 2 weeks downtime awarded.



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