The Truth is a Lie

Lacoste's Journal

Ghost Stories

  • After spending weeks healing up, we meet Mr. X.
  • He introduces us to Sebastian Crowley.
  • We are treated to a fine steak dinner, drinks and cigars by Crowley.
  • He leaves with a fine looking woman.
  • We head to Still Grove and investigate the next day.
  • There is a legend that Still Grove is built on an Indian Holy Site, and lots of ghost sightings.
  • We find lots more information on the HERMES link.
  • We go to Amatore’s house. Looks like it is two separate apartments, and Amatore’s is the top floor.
  • There are cops there and it is roped off with police tape.
  • There is an old man sitting on his porch.
  • Tain and David Lacoste go to talk to the police. Looks like guy upstairs took a bullet to the head. Guy downstairs reported it.
  • Crowley and Malkin go to talk to the man. They bribe him to talk.
  • He says Joseph was an alright guy, paid his rent on time, but was into some weird stuff, paranormal sightings and such.
  • A couple of guys in suits were hanging around the day before. He normally goes out to Gideon’s to grab a beer, but the old man didn’t see him.
  • Tain, Tennant and David Lacoste go up to the crime scene, it has been ripped apart. It is a small apartment.
  • There is a bloodstained mattress and evidence markers and print dust all over the place. There is a blood splatter on the wall. There is dead body odour in the place.
  • We notice several matchbooks from Gideon’s Bar and Grill. There is also a smashed monitor in one of the rooms being used as an office. There is a bullet hole in the wall. The computer tower sees OK. We confiscate the hard drive.
  • Crowley and Malkin go into the bar and grill. It is full of overweight patrons, and the bartender in on a stool with many gold chains and crosses.
  • The bartender claims Joseph was in a couple of days ago and was acting kind of odd lately.
  • He says he was talking to Charlie and that got him worked up.
  • Charlie is a crazy guy that lives at a church.
  • We head to the church.
  • Is is fairly ornate and well maintained and run by Father Henry Bradley.
  • The caretaker that is cleaning up says he hasn’t seen Charlie in a couple of weeks, which is strange because he sleeps in the basement. Claims he wasn’t right in the head.
  • Charlie used to be a patient at the institute.
  • We go to the rectory to talk to Father Bradley.
  • He hasn’t seen Charlie in two weeks and doesn’t have his medicine. He suffers from manic depression.
  • We then go to the church basement. There is an unmade cot and a dresser. Crowley places a bug.
  • The Father says that he sometimes eats out at Sarah’s Place, on Roosevelt and 12th. She lets him eat there for free.
  • We go there to investigate. It is a classic dinner on the corner.
  • On the way in David Lacoste notices something suspicious glinting from across the road in a second story apartment above a liquor store.
  • David Lacoste subtley points this out, and Malkin and Tain non-chalantly go over to investigate.
  • Malkin senses the presence of 7 people, 5 in the liquor store and 2 in the apartment.
  • Crowley goes over to pick the lock to the apartment. David Lacoste and Tenant go inside and take a seat by the window.
  • There is a group of Black youths wearing sleeveless leather vests. There is a strikingly beautiful woman with a large wirey man with his arm around her, a world weary waitress, and regular patrons from the neighbourhood.
  • Crowley unlocks the door and they go upstairs.
  • Tain bursts in claiming to be FBI. Silenced assault rifles & pistols fire out at them.
  • Tain takes a major wound, Malkin goes down.
  • One of them speaks into a headphone and says “Angela, we have trouble.”
  • In the diner Tennant notices a latino woman touch her ear and then rush over to the apartment.
  • We then receive an S.O.S. from Crowley.
  • David Lacoste runs out after the woman and shoots her in the leg, crippling her.
  • Tennent runs up and tries to cuff her. She fights back, kicking him in the crotch.
  • The woman gets into a car and drive away.
  • The battle is finished and Crowley takes the group to the hospital.
  • David Lacoste searches the place and finds some pictures of a black man in an Army Rangers uniform (they look to be military portraits) as well as some military personnel files for a man named Lt. Darryl Jones. The files and photos appear to be about a year old. There are also more recent photos of a larger black woman with the name “Sister Sarah” written on the backs along with recent dates. A lot of the photos seem to be taken around the area of Sara’s Place (the diner). There is also a lot of surveillance equipment. He confiscates it all.
  • The cops show up and David Lacoste explains the situation, and tells them to put out an APB on the latina woman.
  • David Lacoste then takes a cab back to base.
  • Back at base, the doc fixes everyone up as best he can.
  • Tennant starts investigating everything we confiscated.



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