The Truth is a Lie

Lacoste's Journal

The Saurians Reveal Themselves

  • We arrive back at base with Martin Dubois captured.
  • We ask him about his friend Jeffrey Phillips, member of the Independent Guardians of a Free Earth, who are trying to expose the aliens.
  • The have pictures of government agents meeting the Saurians, which Jeffrey Phillips is currently holding.
  • We discuss how to contact Jeffrey Phillips to try and prove that Martin Dubois is OK so he doesn’t release the photos.
  • We catch some sleep, then in the morning Major Ellis Creed and Dr. Jason Tennant go to the phone booth Jeffrey Phillips is going to, and David Lacoste, Captain Enabran Tain, and Major Ellis Creed go to the press conference.
  • The press conference is full of UFO enthusiasts. The podium for the speeches has an Independent Guardians of a Free Earth logo on it.
  • We convince the manager to cancel the press conference and go in the crowd and try to sow doubt amongst the believers.
  • Major Ellis Creed and Dr. Jason Tennant start checking out the area around Jeffrey Phillips.
  • After calling the phone Jeffrey Phillips was supposed to answer, they verify him and then kidnap him.
  • They go to his house, get a folder with the pictures, and then mind wipe him.
  • While there, they notice a couple people skulking outside.
  • One of them is a guy in a black suit that comes in the building. Very government looking guy.
  • The agents identify themselves as FBI and talk to Jeffrey Phillips.
  • They go out the window to hop the fence. The agents notice them.
  • Major Ellis Creed gets over the fence, Dr. Jason Tennant has trouble. There is a firefight.
  • These “FBI” agents have silenced pistols.
  • After a short battle, they both run. The bad guys give chase and fire at them.
  • They steal a car and start driving. The rest of the group goes to meet them in the SWAT Van.
  • We meet, all get in the SWAT Van, leave the scene and head back to the estate.
  • We listen to the tapes and there are voices talking about a meeting and exchanging equipment. There are coordinates and a time in rural New York, 200 – 300 yards off the main road.
  • We go to the meeting place early. There are spotlights set up, military vehicles and personel around. There are also a couple of men in dark suits.
  • The road is blocked off, and a couple soldiers are setting up weird poles every so often.
  • We set up for surveillance and spread out.
  • Later on, the air starts to move around and shimmer, a crescent shape appears, and it lands.
  • The men in black go inside a hatch that opens, and a few minutes later then come out pushing large metal crates that are hovering.
  • The craft then quickly takes off, and a sonic boom is heard.
  • They then take down the barrier and pack up.
  • Richard Malkin sneaks up and grabs one of the poles, which causes an alarm to go off.
  • We all run for the jeeps.
  • Major Ellis Creed and Dr. Jason Tennant follow the convoy.
  • The convoy goes into a radar station surrounded by barb-wire fence.
  • We note the location and head back to the Estate Headquarters to try and find info about the base through official channels.
  • We find out that the name of the base is Twin Hills Radar Station.
  • We send our reports in to the parent cell. They send back that we should investigate.
  • Captain Enabran Tain gets satellite surveillance of the area.
  • David Lacoste gets a cop to take him over Twin Hills Radar Station in a helicopter, to check the place out.
  • When we go there later that night, it isn’t lit, and doesn’t seem to be guarded.
  • We cut through the fence, but the guards notice David Lacoste and Dr. Jason Tennant. They stay behind to distract the guards, while the rest go further into the compound.



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