The Truth is a Lie

Lacoste's Journal

A train straight to hell

  • David Lacoste uses his police influence to liaison with the RCMP under false pretences.
  • In Toronto, we go to a cop bar to steal some IDs.
  • With two IDs, Richard Malkin and Sebastian Crowley, Phd start canvasing the neighbourhood where the car disappeared into.
  • At one home, there is a flier under the door for Green Acres lawn care. No answer at the door.
  • Captain Enabran Tain notices deactivated cameras around the house.
  • There is also a security system at the house.
  • The home is well furnished, neat, not a lot in it. Well taken care of, no photos. Well stocked fridge. We search the home.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant traces the cameras to a room upstairs. Captain Enabran Tain sees lot of nonperishables, cots, medical supplies.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant hacks the computer and doesn’t find much of interest. He sees some footage of the car as well as Skeleton.
  • David Lacoste finds a train schedule on the main floor. It looks like it is for today in a couple hours.
  • We get a passenger list. We board the train.
  • We see the red headed man (Dr. Skelton) and a skinny woman surrounded by goons get on the train. We go to their car.
  • Robert Reynolds gets felt up a couple times by a suspicious fat dude.
  • At the bar, Mr. White approaches, says he knows who we are, taps his head, and says he knows we are about to get into a firefight. He is wearing a metal band around his head. He wants to defect from Soviet Russia to the CIA. He says the train is going to Washington DC.
  • His name Ilysch Syovobitsky (Sylvester).
  • He says that his metal band lets him read his mind, and he can’t take it off. He keeps talking to Dr. Jason Tennant about plausible science.
  • Richard Malkin orders champagne for each room so we can see inside. He then tries to probe their minds and it seems “alien”. He finds out that they are heavily armed.
  • Sebastian Crowley, Phd confronts them, and tries to break into the other car without the goons. A fight ensues.
  • David Lacoste dies from a 72 point plasma attack. R.I.P.
  • Sebastian Crowley, Phd dies from a 72 point plasma attack. R.I.P.
  • After the rest of the group escapes, they bring Captain Enabran Tain to a hospital and then go back to base to interrogate Dr. Skelton.
  • Sylvester’s name is connected with Project Rasputin according to HERMES.
  • New characters are being made with 90xp.



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