The Truth is a Lie

Lacoste's Journal

The Conspiracy Begins

  • X meets us at the Estate Headquarters.
  • He gives us our HERMES links.
  • We are told that they are in a limited access mode until we can prove ourselves.
  • We are given a mission about incidents at Columbia University. From the outside they appear normal, but when looked at in aggregate
  • Ethan Crawford commited suicide by jumping off the school library.
  • Javier Coletta walked into a classroom, shot the professor and then himself.
  • Rebecca Trembley went into the locker room and shot 10 members of the football team, and is now catatonic.
  • Robert starts to investigate and info about these people at the CIA.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant starts to do computer research on the subject.
  • Major Ellis Creed goes to see Javier Coletta’s apartment in the Bronx.
  • His wife opens the door with his kids in the background.
  • David Lacoste goes to talk to Ethan Crawford’s friends and family.
  • Captain Enabran Tain goes to talk to Rebecca Trembley’s family. They live in a nice condo, have money.
  • Richard goes to investigate the campus. Tries to pick up guilty thoughts or violent thoughts.
  • Also asks around about the people. Gathered a lot of similar info that was found from the families.
  • The door to the roof is unlocked. Richard goes up to investigate.
  • Under one of the air vents, a book bag is stashed.
  • It is Ethan Crawford’s bookbag. Crumpled at the bottom is a flyer for a research study about the stresses of school from the psychology department.
  • Afterwards, we all get a text from Major Ellis Creed to meet at a nearby internet cafe and discuss things.
  • Major Ellis Creed and Dr. Jason Tennant go to the psych department. Both notice the posters in this building and outside of this building. Study was being run by Dr. Peter Norstrum. “If you are troubled or stressed, please participate. Cash reward offered.”
  • Dr. Jason Tennant distracts the secretary, while Major Ellis Creed breaks in to his office. Major Ellis Creed quickly turns the place over. No computer, typewriter on the desk.
  • Strange old device in the office with dials and a set of headphones. Made of wood.
  • Locked filing cabinet with a current research study. Major Ellis Creed takes it and the typewriter ribbon, and climbs out the window.
  • Captain Enabran Tain and Richard goes to see Rebecca Trembley at the hospital in the psych ward.
  • They get copies of her charts.
  • We all meet back at base and investigate the machine.
  • Richard investigates the machine and recognizes it. It is a hemi-sink and is used to create a trance like state to relax the subject.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant investigates Ethan Crawford’s computer files and sees that he had appointments with Dr. Peter Norstrum.
  • Major Ellis Creed looks through the paper files about the research. Dr. Peter Norstrum had appointments every couple of weeks with the people.



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