The Truth is a Lie

GM Update

In Attendance:

  • Our story picks immediately following the events of the previous game.
  • The cell takes Garrett Campbell back to their temporary safe house and begin their interrogation.
  • They find out that he rarely deals with Athena himself. He leaves that to Ian Goodrich who acts as liaison.
  • Campbell had received body enhancement technology from Athena in exchange for cooperation on several initiatives.
  • Goodrich and Campbell’s relationship has broken down over the past several months as he believes that Ian has his own agenda.
  • The broadcast of the grey autopsy was partly Campbell fulfilling his obligations and partly a sense of curiosity and drive to break a new story.
  • The cell broke into Cambell’s apartment to see what else they could find.
  • Hacking into his computer they see more evidence of the infighting between Campbell and Goodrich.
  • While there Goodrich showed up to check on Campbell and is captured by the cell.
  • The Cell and Goodrich struck a deal, his life for the receiver to locate the transponder Goodrich had placed in the Grey body.
  • The Cell tracked the transponder to the Twin Hills Radar Station where they had formally faced off against the NDD.
  • When the Cell arrived at Twin hills they found the remains of a major conflict. There were bodies strew about, rended to pieces and large holes made in the structure.
  • Making their way inside the Cell discovered the base empty except for bodies. The conflict appeared to have happened a few weeks past, shortly after the conflict at the Cell Headquarters.
  • Dr. Jason Tennant was able to hack into the security system and retrieve footage of the incident.
  • Reviewing the footage revealed that the radar station was attacked by some sort of large humanoid.
  • The attacker battled the NDD and seemed to take little damage. Once the NDD were dealt with, it went after the grey. The footage showed the grey disappear and then end up halfway through a wall. At this point the attacker left.
  • The Cell managed to free the body taking part of a wall with them. They also found a small box contains some odd grenades. 5 of 6 were remaining.
  • The Cell then proceeded back to their temporary hideout and began construction of a new Underground HQ as they no longer felt their estate was secure.



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