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Explosion Rocks Baltimore Neighborhood

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Baltimore, MD – An explosion leveled a home on Morley Road about 1:05 a.m. Sunday, shaking nearby homes for miles and sending neighbors into the streets. The home was a rental property that neighbors say had just recently become occupied. Four unidentified bodies were found on the scene.

Officials are reporting the cause of the explosion to be a faulty gas main. They could not comment on what caused the gas main to explode. When asked if the identity of the victims were being investigated, police chief Frank DuBont refused to comment.

Lisa Jones, a local resident, described the event.

“I thought it was lightning it was so loud,” Jones said. “It sounded like a cannon went off. It’s incredible.”

The explosion heavily damaged the home of Joe and Colleen Delinco, who live next door. Colleen Delinco said she was upstairs doing laundry, while her husband and 1 1/2-year-old son were sleeping when the explosion occurred.

“I thought a car had hit the house,” Colleen said. “We just ran and grabbed (our son). There must have been an angel.”

Colleen said she ran outside and couldn’t believe what she saw.

“I looked over and saw there was no home next door,” she said.

Other nearby homes were also damaged.

Checking with the local police department a few days later, this reporter found that the case had already been closed. Again the police chief refused to comment. Why such a serious case was closed so early is anyone’s guess.

Jason Reed – Baltimore Gazette |



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